Best Rock Climbing Locations In Spain

Spain offers great rock climbing conditions in autumn and all throughout spring. Many great rock climbing regions exist in the country. What is really interesting is that brand new areas appear all the time. Popular areas usually include crags close to areas that are popular among tourists or in coastal regions.

Costa Blanca is a great region with rock climbing facilities that are quite perfect. Limestone rock can be found in many Spanish regions and this is one that you have to consider. The options that are available here include bolted routes that are close to regions where you can park the car, bolted routes right on the coast, multi pitch trad routes and routes in mountains close to Benidorm.

If you want to go rock climbing in Andalucia, you will want to visit El Chorro. There are fantastic gorge rock multi pitch rock climbing options available. If you do not want to go there, you can easily go for both Granada and Malaga.

One of the really popular holiday destinations in Europe is the Balearic Islands. This includes Menorca, Ibiza and Mallorca. Mallorca has a huge reputation as a premier European rock climbing location with various sports climbing opportunities. The limestone rock locations here with 1 and 2 pitch routes are quite impressive. To make everything even more interesting, the location did become popular for DWS (deep water soloing). In Ibiza you gain access to sports climbing and rock climbing locations on limestone rock. Some rocky outcrops are present in Ibiza so you can enjoy rock climbing on isolated coves and sea cliffs. In Menorca most of the options are single pitch and sport climbers will appreciate the sea cliffs where you can climb.

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If you travel to the Canary Islands, you can enjoy quite a lot of rock climbing, much more than what many believe. Tenerife is obviously the best option in the islands due to size. You have the most expensive network of rock climbing, bouldering and sport climbing available in the Canary Islands. You can also enjoy some rock climbing in Gran Canary, offering both traditional rock climbing and sport climbing.

You will want to also think about rock climbing in Catalunya and Barcelona. There are many fine sports climbing locations present here. Various venues are available and it is not at all difficult to find conglomerate mountain rocks that overlook Montserrat monastery, wonderful limestone cliffs in Lleida or Terradets and mountain granite in the Pyrenees’ Cavellers. Limestone crags are present in Montgrony, Riglos, Rodellar and Sadernes.

With most of the rock climbing options available in Spain being present close to the coast, you will want to focus on rock climbing right close to Madrid. La Pedriza, for instance, offers various multi pitch routes that are present on long granite slabs. One wonderful established limestone location for sports climbing is Patones as it includes various different steep routes.

Obviously, these are just some of the options that are currently available for you if you want to enjoy rock climbing in Spain. If you believe that we did not mention an important rock climbing location in Spain or if your favorite is another one, make sure to let us know in the comments section.

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