Extreme Travel Activities Around Lisbon, Portugal

Extreme Travel Activities Around Lisbon, PortugalWhen you visit Lisbon, Portugal, you quickly figure out that there are not many extreme activities that can be enjoyed in the city. However, if you are an adrenaline activity lover, you will quickly figure out that Lisbon is the starting location for many different extreme sports and activities. You can enjoy various different activities and we will just mention some that are very popular among tourists from other countries.

Cabo Da Roca Rappelling

Travel to Europe’s westernmost point to a location where the sea meets the land and enjoy an adventure that you will surely remember for your entire life. The rappelling will be offered only for smaller groups in order to allow you to have a truly personal experience. Obviously, the tour operator is going to give you access to absolutely all the needed equipment and you will be going with a guide that is always friendly and informative. Most tourists that enjoyed rappelling in Cabo da Roca said that the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

What To Expect

You will be picked up in Lisbon and you will be taken to Spinhaco Fort. The scenery there is breathtaking and the balcony right over the sea where rappelling happens and where you can see dolphins will be present at Forte Do Espinhaco. You will surely love the scenery, especially the sea right behind you. The rappelling is 100 meters high and the descent is memorable.

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Sintra Jeep Safari

The jeep safari that you can enjoy in Sintra will take an entire day so be sure that you plan accordingly. Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you now have the possibility to enjoy a great and long four-wheel drive adventure right there. A traditional lunch will always be available and the visit to Pena Palace is much more than enough for you to take dozens of photographs.

The activity brings in quite a great value for the money that you pay and the 4×4 experience is wonderful. Personal services are available and most of the tour operators are going to offer free hotel pickup. You will want to explore Sintra Mountain because of the wonderful views of the ocean and coast. The above mentioned Cabo da Roca is also available for a visit if you want to. Make sure that you also visit the Sintra Historical City centre and that fairy tale place, Pena Palace.

Safari Park Day – Badoca

A full day trip will be available for those staying in Lisbon. The main reason why you want to experience the Badoca safari trip is the fact that the surroundings are lovely, filled with exotic birds, nature and wild animals. You will feel as if you are right in the middle of Africa but you will be close to Lisbon.

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The day will be filled with family fun and adventure. Native wildlife will be visible in a natural environment and you will be picked up from the hotel where you stay. During the safari, you will be able to enjoy giraffes, wildebeest, onyx, zebras and many other animals. Park lunches can be had and you will be taken back to the hotel at the end of the day.

Hiking Montejunto Mountain

Besides the fact that you would be hiking the popular Montejunto Mountain, a visit also means visiting the renowned Royal Ice Factory. You will want to look for the Quinta da Serra rail and be placed right in the middle of montejunto saw, a protected landscape area. The distance from Lisbon is around 1 hour and a guide will be with you at all times.

This hiking option is popular among many, especially those that love nature. You would learn about the ice consumption that took place during the 18th century and the history of the Royal Ice Factory. This facility was constructed in a really interesting way and you will want to see how the locals transported ice to the city of Lisbon.

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