What Are The Best Sea Kayaking Spots in The World?

When it comes to kayaking you do not only think about tropical weather and sandy beaches. You also want to consider sea kayaking. There are so many incredible destinations that you can take into account with paddling that is simply surreal. Although some people may have different opinions (we want to know so comment below), the following are surely among the very best sea kayaking spots you can enjoy in the entire world.

Kenai Fjords National Park

750 nautical miles featuring rugged shorelines wait for you making kayaking a tremendous way to experience the national park. Perfectly located in the wild parts of Alaska, all adventurous paddlers are able to explore a location where the sea meets the glaciers and a feeling of the ice age is present. Many uncharted caves and coves wait for you, all hidden around floating icebergs and stunning fjords. If you are lucky, you can even get a close encounter with a beautiful humpback whale or even a sea lion.

The Dalmatian Coast

When you go kayaking here you can expect to meet rocky headlands, ancient towns, sandy beaches and craggy bluffs. These are only some of the great things to experience though. The water here is so blue that you can consider it a marvel of nature and the area between Montenegro and Croatia features over 1200 islets and islands capable of creating a virtually endless exploration journey for interested adrenaline seekers. You will surely enjoy the numerous reefs, grottoes and hidden caves present.

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Galapagos National Park

Tour boat access is limited through rules and regulations but you can obtain special access when you travel by sea kayak. You will head out with a special outfitter that is going to take you through the lesser-known paths, reaching various remote beaches that almost guarantee some sort of close-up encounter with penguins, giant tortoises, sea lions and many other exotic species that you can rarely find anywhere else.

Southern Coast Of Crete

Crete is a very popular Greek Island among tourists and many sea kayakers are visiting every single year. This is mainly because there are around 650 miles available for paddling, with an unspoiled feeling that is definitely making you want to discover something new. The landscape is mountainous and the coastline is jagged. This led to the creation of various pink-sand beaches, hidden coves and sea caves. Paddlers simply go from one village to the next, having the time of their life.

Fijian Islands

There are so many reasons why you want to travel to Fiji and sea kayaking has to be on the list. There are over 300 islands you can experience. The water is crystal clear and many coral gardens will welcome you on the way. The South Pacific has calm waters and you will be invited by the tropical climate. Combining sea kayaking with snorkeling is really popular around many Fijian Islands. Colorful fish are basically everywhere.

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Belize Barrier Reef

Belize is a Caribbean paradise made out of over 450 sandy islands that are locally referred to as cayes. They are connected to each other by the barrier reef, which houses an underwater world that stands out as the second largest in the entire world. There are over 100 coral species present and fish present in abundance, over 500 species. You can experience the reef through sea kayaking, snorkeling and island hopping.

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