The 7 Very Best Cities For A Hot Air Balloon Ride

There is no shortage of great locations that offer you a hot air balloon ride experience that is going to be completely memorable. In fact, making a list of the best options is not something that is easy to do. However, based on the indications that were offered by tourists that did enjoy balloon rides in many parts of the world, the following cities do stand out more often than others. With this in mind, we can say that they are perfect for those that want to have a hot air balloon ride that is going to be world class.

Cappadocia – Turkey

The balloon ride that takes you over Cappadocia chimneys is definitely a thrill, offering access to scenery that can only be described as being extraordinary. Most of the images that you will see online with hot air balloons were actually shot in this part of Turkey. Whenever visiting the country a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is highly recommended in practically all the great packages from reputable agents.

Bagan – Myanmar

If you are looking for a highly exotic balloon ride, Bagan is where you want to go. There are so many ancient temples and ruins that you will see from the air, offering a cultural feeling that is rarely available from above. When you do not want to just enjoy scenery and natural landscapes, Bagan is a top destination.

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Luxor – Egypt

The fact that Luxor is a top ballooning destination for tourists from all around the world is not a surprise because of the different ancient wonders in the area, offering an experience that is magical. The temperatures are going to be pretty high even early in the morning but this is when you want to go. Seeing everything from 1,000 meters above earth takes you on a trip that you can only see in movies.

Albuquerque – USA

The most impressive hot air balloon ride in USA has to be Albuquerque. If you can, visit during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This is an annual event that brings in many tourists from around the world. You get to experience hundreds of hot air balloons up in the air at the same time, all with different designs and of different shapes or sizes. The event is often held in October.

Masai Mara – Kenya

Most tourists that go to Kenya are interested in going on a safari ride. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that since the rides are among the best but why not combine that with hot air ballooning if you are in the area? Masai Mara is where you want to go, allowing you to combine 2 common bucket list activities.

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Canberra – Australia

Australia’s weather offers many different locations that are simply perfect for a hot air balloon ride and Canberra is definitely one option you want to consider. We are referring to a city that is considered among the most beautiful all around the world. Why not appreciate it more and enjoy natural charms from high in the air? You can go over Canberra and see all the monuments and a great landscape as a bonus. Make sure you keep your eyes open for the Parliament House.

Jaipur – India

Jaipur is not on the list of the really popular destinations in India for most travel agents but this is a clear mistake, especially if you are interested in hot air ballooning. You can so easily enjoy an incredible experience as you look down on the countryside of Rajasthani. Flying is not done at a high altitude so visibility is really great. Villagers will watch as you go over them with a curious face and you will actually see that.

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