Sea Kayaking In Seattle

Whenever referring to Seattle, sea kayaking, canoeing, sailing and rowing are not on most lists of active pursuits for travellers. This is not something that you should automatically dismiss since there are various different opportunities that are currently available. In fact, you can so easily find some of the best such activities in the state.

The best opportunity that is available for you at the moment if you are looking for sailing, rowing, sea kayaking and standup paddleboarding is the Moss Bay Rowing, Kayaking And Sailing Center, which is located on Fairview Avenue. Here you can rent all different types of water vehicles you would want and you can go of the activities you would like. The rental prices you can expect are around $14 for single kayak and $20 for a double kayak. You can use the Seattle Streetcar to reach the center.

sea kayaking seattle

In the event that you want to rent wooden sailboats or rowboats, you can do so at Center For Wooden Boards for rates that are around $20 to $50 for one hour.

People that want to visit the area around Husky Stadium and that want water activities on the trip should consider Waterfront Activities Center. It is open for everyone and does rent rowboats and canoes at prices of around $10 per hour. The location will be pretty good for the beginner so do consider it if this is the level you are at.

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Kayaks can be rented at Aqua Verde Café Paddle Club close to Portage Bay. You would enjoy water activities when you are on the water between Lake Washington and Lake Union. March to October is when you can rent the kayaks in this area.

We should also talk about Greenlake Boat Rentals. It is located close to Woodland Park Zoo, in the north part of Seattle. This is where you can rent rowboats, sailboats, kayaks, sailboards, pedal boards and canoes. Have great leisure time right on the water and make sure that you always think about this destination because it is among the most popular that Seattle has to offer. However, this does mean that there will be crowds filled with locals here. That is mainly because the green area here is among the nicest in the city.

The last tip that we should highlight is that you can also consider electric boat rentals in the event that you do not want to go kayaking or the other similar water sports are of no interest for you. Up to 10 people electric boats can be rented from Electric Boat Company.

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