Best Surf Spots In Martinique

No matter how you look at things, Martinique is truly a magical location. You can find it right in the Caribbean Sea, one of the Windward Islands, officially known as Lesser Antilles. As you are surely aware of if you love surfing, the Caribbean Islands are constantly becoming more popular among surfers from all around the world. This is due to the wave quality, which is always great. The full potential of the islands only now starts to be touched.

In Martinique, we have 2 main poles for tourists. The south is perfect for regular tourists while the north is perfect for the surfers.


You will want to start your Martinique surfing experience in Basse-Pointe. It offers long, powerful, magnificent right hand waves and is located 50 kilometers away from Martinique’s capital, Fort-De-France. The swells coming from the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic are plenty and you will get a chance to experience a really good point break.

The best surfing season in the region ranges from November to March. They July to October season should be avoided as this is where hurricanes appear. The entire year has a tropical climate that is perfect for surfing.

If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, you will want to go to Le Lorrain. It is located to the south of Basse-Point. We are faced with a small bay that has various waves and is surrounded by scenic green fields.

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In the event that you find yourself in the La Trinite district, you will want to go to the Anse Bonneville Beach. It is perfect for its Northwest swells. When looking at the entire Martinique, this is the most popular of the surf spots. With this in mind, you can expect to find a lot of people that visit every single day.

You will definitely want to explore Caravelle Peninsula as a surfer. There are many surf spots that should be on your list there. Those that should be experienced for their A-frame peaks (suitable only for brave surfers) are Pelle A Tarte and Cocoa.


If you visit the southern Martinique region, you will not be able to surf much. However, based on weather forecasts, you may have a lot of fun in Anse Trabaud, which is located in Sainte-Anne district. It is a great place for bodyboarding.

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