Best Volcano Hikes In Nicaragua

One thing that many do not know about Nicaragua is that there are 19 volcanoes that can be hiked. Nine of these are currently active. We are faced with such a beautiful and picturesque backdrop that can be experienced.

Below you can take a look at some of the really interesting volcano hikes in Nicaragua, those that we consider as being the best, although your choice may be different due to subjectivity. If you want to go volcano hiking, do consider an active volcano in Nicaragua. Those are always particularly beautiful.

Masaya Volcano Hiking

Masaya is just one hour away from Managua or Granada. It offers a really easy hike that can be seen as a warm up for the hiker that is more experienced. Many tours are currently available but you can also create your very own. Some of the craters here are active while others are inactive. If you decide to go for a tour experience, make sure that you choose operators that offer gas masks. Alternatively, do take your own with you.

El Hoyo Volcano Hiking

El Hoyo Volcano Hiking

Located 45 minutes away from Leon, this volcano hike focuses around 2 volcanoes, El Hoyo and Las Pilas. The views that you can see of Nicaraguan volcanoes and the Lake Managua will stand out as a main center of attraction for your trip. El Hoyo’s crater rim is quite interesting since you do not actually see it coming out of the side of one mountain. You are not faced with a difficult hike but you do want to allow a full day for it. If you want to have even more fun, do combine this with a Cerro Negro volcano boarding trip.

Conception Volcano Hiking

Conception Volcano Hiking

Out of the best volcano hiking trips available in Nicaragua, this is the one that can be considered as being the hardest. It is a full day hike that takes you to a higher volcano of Isla Ometepe. We have a 5,500 feet climb that starts really early in the morning, at around 5 AM. You will find yourself climbing for around 6 hours and can expect fog, rain and a lot of mist. The high difficulty starts when you reach the 4,000 feet mark.

Unfortunately, in some situations we are faced with bad weather so the views are not going to be great when you reach the top. Although this is the case, even bad weather cannot stop you from feeling wonderful when you reach the top of the volcano.

Telica Volcano Hiking

Telica Volcano Hiking

When looking at the lists of the active volcanoes present in Nicaragua, you will notice that Telica is at the top of the list. You can so easily see molten lava present around 1,000 feet under you when you are at the edge of the crater. The sunset here is particularly beautiful and a great moment to experience when climbing Telica. Every person that stays in Leon should consider Telica as a wonderful hike that is not tough and that does bring in a lot of beauty.

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