Extreme Travel Activities in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has quietly become an attractive backpacking and adventure travel destination, known for its lakes, volcanoes and beaches – an amazing place for adventure seekers and backpackers to discover.

Volcano boarding down Central America’s youngest volcano is one of Nicaragua’s most thrilling activities and should only be attempted under professional guidance!


At the foothills of Mombacho volcano, the Cutirre Canopy Tour allows visitors to experience forest from its canopy level. Organized by Granada-based tour company La Cutirre Coffee Plantation and including round trip transportation, safety equipment and guides; its tours offer stunning views of Volcan Mombacho as well as Lake Nicaragua’s coastline.

This tour features 17 platforms suspended 10 to 100 feet above the ground and connected by steel cables for safe and exciting travel through the treetops. Experienced guides offer visitors a rare opportunity to explore the jungle, witness birds and monkeys living their natural lives, as well as take in stunning views of surrounding scenery.

Nicaragua provides an unforgettable adventure, from its thrilling zip lines through the jungle, to walking tours around Mombacho’s crater and experiencing horseback riding and coffee farms for a full taste of Nicaragua’s unique atmosphere.


Nicaragua is a surfer’s dream destination with world-class waves that remain relatively uncrowded. There are plenty of fantastic options available for both novice and intermediate surfers; among the best are Joes Surf Tours’ 1-week package featuring ocean-view rooms and meals as well as stunning beach vistas as well as packages tailored specifically to different skill levels at Verdad at Costa Dulce.

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Argentina boasts an abundance of volcanoes, and is situated along the Ring of Fire – making it one of the most active volcanic regions in Latin America. Numerous tours visit these stunning natural features, hiking up and down active volcanoes to witness bubbling mud formations, bat-filled lava tube caves, spectacular views, and incredible panoramas of other surrounding volcanoes.

Sand boarding, an exciting sport that involves sliding down an intimidatingly tall sand hill on a board, is another popular activity in Nicaragua and makes an enjoyable beach outing when combined with fishing or kayaking.

Nicaragua extreme travel activities also include mountain biking, horseback riding and zip-lining – each available at various locations around the country. Some of the world’s top mountain biking trails can be found here as well as horse-riding and trekking experiences that rival those anywhere in Europe or North America. Zip lining is relatively new activity here but rapidly growing in popularity!

For those in search of something more relaxing, there’s always the choice of unwinding by relaxing by the gorgeous hotel pool or checking out one of the numerous bars and restaurants located throughout San Juan del Sur – this vibrant party town provides backpackers an ideal environment for meeting like-minded travellers from across the world.

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Nicaragua is often described as Costa Rica 2.0; and although its beaches and climate may rival those of Costa Rica’s, Nicaragua still holds many hidden gems for adventurers to discover. One such secret can be found at El Yankee Village where there are waves ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Sand boarding

Nicaragua makes it easy to experience the adrenaline rush of sandboarding on an active volcano’s slopes. Doning a denim jumpsuit and protective goggles, slide down Cerro Negro (“Black Hill”) in Leon on an old-fashioned board reminiscent of childhood sled rides – not only will you build up an appetite but you can also marvel at amazing views of Cordillera de los Maribios volcano chain!

Volcano surfing, also known as extreme board sport, can only be experienced in select places worldwide; Nicaragua stands out as an incredible venue to engage in this thrilling activity. Gliding down slopes at high speeds or experiencing the thrills of wipeouts make Nicaragua one of your must-visit travel bucket lists! Before hitting the slopes though, be sure to verify if your travel insurance covers volcano surfing as it could save a trip and headaches down the line.


Kayaking is the ideal way to explore Lake Nicaragua, other lakes, estuaries and rivers as well as local estuaries and rivers. In fact, kayaking is one of the primary ways locals travel. Many tour companies offer kayak tours; though independent paddlers may attempt it on their own. A guided trip will lead you past 365 islands, pristine beaches and natural pools as well as exotic birds such as rainbow-billed toucans!

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Scuba diving is another adventure activity you should try in Nicaragua. Although its waters do not boast as abundant marine life as some other more developed places do, Nicaragua still boasts an array of fish and coral. There are numerous diving companies that provide courses for novice and seasoned divers alike as well as equipment rental.

Volcano boarding is one of the most captivating Nicaraguan activities available, taking place on Central America’s youngest volcano. Available only through guided tours, volcano boarding makes for an exciting Nicaragua adventure suitable for thrill-seekers and visitors looking for adventure. While the volcano remains dormant for now, its presence offers another perspective of Nicaraguan landscape.

Hiking is a popular pastime in Nicaragua, with numerous hiking trails to explore. Two popular choices are Volcan Mombacho near Granada’s nature reserve and Volcan Masaya outside Masaya which requires longer treks but Mombacho may be easier for novice hikers to access.

Somoto Canyon, located in rural Nicaragua, offers another fantastic alternative. Here, visitors can hike trails and spot exotic wildlife; even try your hand at some cliff jumping! While visiting this destination independently is possible, booking a tour from Leon can make things simpler and safer.


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