Boating In Capri – What You Need To Know

The wonderful Italian island, Capri, is a popular boating destination for Europeans and tourists from all over the world. The Blue Grotto is a renowned natural site that attracts thousands of visitors during summer months. This dark cavern offers a spectacular show of sunlight and electric blue water. But besides Blue Grotto, Capri is also well-known for the scenic coastline that can be admired while sailing in different types of boats. All Capri’s visitors learn that a boat tour is a must, there is no question about this however you can have questions about the boats you can book and the time you can spend sailing. During July and August, Capri is pretty crowded so make sure you book your boat in advance for the best sailing experience.

Boating Tours Capri

Boating Tours Capri – Duration

Visitors can choose from 2 hours, 4 hours and all day boating tours depending on their preferences. If you are not sure how much time you want to spend sailing across Capri’s coastline, keep in mind that in 2 hours you will be able to see only the highlights of the coastline. This type of tour is perfect for those who prefer land adventures or for those who are not spending more than a day or two on the island. During 4 hours tourists will be able to admire more amazing views of the coastline and to relax on the boat. Those who love sailing and relaxation on board should definitely opt for the all day tour that will allow them to enjoy a truly amazing sailing experience.

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Boat Rentals Capri – Info

Most boat rental companies in Capri are located in the island’s port, Marina Grande. This is also the place most private tours depart from. Tourists who want to rent boats without skippers can rent small boats if they have minimum boating experience.

Another important thing for those who want to experience boating in Capri is that they can opt for private tours and group tours and in both cases they can visit the famous Blue Grotto. The tickets for visiting the awesome cave can be purchased from the floating ticket office located at the entrance of the cave.

Tourists who want to spend more time on a boat can embark in a boating tour that also includes the Amalfi Coast.


Types Of Boats In Capri

When it comes to rent a boat in Capri, visitors can choose from a variety of boats including gozzo caprese, lancia, large gozzo capresse, rubber dinghy, speedboats and yacht charters.

Gozzo Caprese

Gozzo Caprese is the traditional boat used by islanders for centuries. This wooden boat is perfect for couples or small groups and it is usually rented with a skipper since it is not very easy to navigate by people who have no prior experience with it.

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Another traditional boat, lancia is also a wooden boat. This type of small boat can be rented without a skipper and it is perfect for couples who want to sail in privacy.

Large Gozzo Caprese

A large gozzo caprese is perfect for up to 12 people groups or families who want to enjoy the traditional gozzo caprese together. Always rented with a skipper, these boats are perfect for 4 hours or day long tours since tourists are able to organize picnics or lunch on the deck.

Rubber Dinghy

Those who want to sail without a skipper can rent a rubber dinghy and explore the sea by themselves or with up to 6 passengers. The rubber dinghy is not a boat for sunbathing and other activities since the deck is pretty small and dinghies are, in general, pretty bouncy.

Speed Boat

Speed boats are a great alternative for those who want to spend an entire day sailing or for those who want to travel between various destinations close to Capri.

Yacht Charters

Yacht charters are perfect for those who want luxury and comfort while enjoying the beautiful coastline of Capri. The yachts in Capri can be rented for a day or a multi-day cruise and they usually include concierge services.

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