Luxurious Travel Experiences You Can Enjoy In New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredible travel destination for those looking for great nature adventure activities with its volcanic ranges, mountains, thermal springs and glaciers. The country gives access to wonderful outdoor pursuits and unique gourmet, natural and cultural experiences. If you are looking for a great vacation in New Zealand, how about you consider the following?

Camping In New Zealand

One interesting thing about New Zealand is there are more sheep than people so you can easily expect true luxury in nature. You can so easily find a wilderness area that is remote and that offers true luxurious glamping, with Lake Wanaka being a really interesting option to take into account. Camping there is much more interesting than in other countries as you get access to huge beds, hot showers, flushable toilets and much more. You wouldn’t expect that from camping, right?

As an extra tip, consider Pure Pods, which is a luxury accommodation in Little River and Kaikoura. There, ceilings, floors and walls are made out of glass so you can basically get fully immersed in nature.

Hot Spring Relaxation

Numerous geothermal hot spots are waiting for you in New Zealand. These are so incredibly prolific that there are some areas where as a tourist you can dig your very own hot spring. It is always great to visit Rotorua, which was built on the site of an active volcano. Alternatively, consider the hot springs, geysers and mud pools at Hell’s Gate or take a helicopter ride over White Island’s active volcano.

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Immersing Yourself In Local Culture

The Maori culture you can experience in New Zealand is incredibly diverse, engaging and highly accessible. It is not at all difficult to find places where you can participate in a haka dance or where you can carve bone pendants. Maoris have numerous myths and their spirituality is very complex. Consider a visit to Rotura to experience traditional slow-cooling on hot volcanic stones or take place in a ceremonial hangi laying.

Experience Local Cuisine

Fish and chips may be available literally everywhere in the country but you do want to try something more innovative and interesting that is locally renowned like hokey pokey and pavlova. Pacific Rim cuisine is highly innovative and sophisticated right now. The dishes that you can try are totally unexpected, with the addition of really tasty wines that you always want to try.

Experience Local Wildlife

When you travel through the New Zealand wilderness it is practically impossible not to view some pretty interesting animals. The local wildlife is an attraction point for travellers from around the world. You do, most likely, know that the kiwi bird is the national emblem of New Zealand but the flora and fauna present is so much more than that. You can always kayak the wonderland of Marlborough’s Bay or visit Cape Kidnappers’ huge gannet colony. Remember that 20% of New Zealand is covered by national parks, reserves and forests. There are also many World Haritage sites that can be visited so it is no wonder that the Lord Of The Rings movies have numerous sceneries from New Zealand.

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