Bungee Jumping in Portugal

Take the plunge with Albufeira’s water touch bungee jump and jump straight into the sea! This unique extreme sport will leave a lasting impression!

Experience an adrenaline rush like no other on this zip-line that spans both countries and time zones in eastern Algarve: Limite Zero offers an unforgettable adrenaline rush!


Algarve offers stunning mountains and dramatic coastal cliffs that provide the perfect environment for an exciting range of adrenalin-pumping activities, from skydiving and all-terrain buggy safaris to bungee jumping and more. There’s sure to be something exciting waiting in this region to get your heart racing.

In 1979, the inaugural modern bungee jump took place, providing an exhilarating adventure for participants. Attached securely to an elastic cord which triggers when participants jump, this activity provides a thrilling rush while having fun with family or friends.

Portugal is an exciting place for thrill-seekers, offering many adrenaline-pumping activities such as bungee jumping. There are various sites across the country with stunning views over both countryside and sea – it is best to use an established company so that your safety will be assured while having an unforgettable experience!

Algarve offers several excellent opportunities for bungee jumping, including Albufeira marina’s water touch bungee jump. Here, visitors can experience an extra thrilling and adventurous bungee experience: starting from 40 meters above ocean levels using a crane-borne platform jump, they then have an opportunity to dip their heads in cooling waters before returning back up the platform and back onto their platform platform.

Another popular activity in the Algarve is horseback riding, with organised week-long riding holidays being an ideal way to explore its peaceful countryside and beautiful beaches. For something truly thrilling, downhill off-road mountain-biking has quickly gained in popularity in recent years; check it out soon if possible!

Experienced adventurers may enjoy taking in two countries with one thrilling zip line journey – LimiteZero is the world’s first cross-border (and time zone) zip line that spans 720 metres across Portugal’s Algarve region and Spain’s Huelva province.

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AJ Hackett’s Europabrucke Bridge in Austria stands as one of the highest and most thrilling bungee jumping sites in Europe, at an astounding height of 192 meters. An engineering marvel, it offers stunning views of its verdant surroundings as you jump.


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport in which participants dive headfirst off tall structures such as buildings, bridges or cranes. It has become one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide and can be found almost every tourist destination; however, this extreme sport should only be attempted by those with strong enough nerves; its nature involves significant height drops requiring considerable physical strength from participants.

Portugal provides many opportunities for bungee jumping. Most adventure parks provide thrilling and exhilarating bungee experiences such as paintball, karting, tree climbing and team building activities that are suitable for groups of any size – making for an amazing way to spend your day with family, friends or co-workers!

Melgaco offers the brave enough an opportunity for the ultimate bridge jumping experience: Europe’s highest bridge bungee jump from the international Melgaco bridge in Northern Melgaco overlooking Alto Minho region. According to its operator, this experience offers breathtaking views.

Portimo is a lively and beautiful city boasting both old and modern structures. The Esplanade provides breathtaking sea views while restaurants and bars lining it offer delicious cuisine and drinks to enjoy the sea breezes. Portimo also serves as an important center for shopping with many pedestrian streets to browse on, while numerous museums including Museu de Portimo and Maritime Museum also call Portimo home.

Albufeira marina also offers water touch bungys for less expensive yet still dangerous thrill seekers to test out this extreme sport and push their own boundaries. Perfect for anyone seeking adventure and wanting a challenge!

If you’re up for something a little more daring, check out Xtreme Park in Portimo – Australia’s largest adventure park offering activities including bungee jumping. A popular tourist destination and regularly featured on television programs alike, Xtreme Park features an underground labyrinth mine, zipline and many other exciting activities that will set your pulse racing!

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Melgaco, a small border town near Spain’s border, offers much to its visitors in terms of wine and traditional culture. Furthermore, outdoor activities including hiking, cycling and horseback riding can also be found here aplenty – including spectacular scenery and varied landscapes that you’re likely to come across here. Furthermore, you can experience bungee jumping – an increasingly popular European pastime which can be found at numerous venues across Portugal.

If you want an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping in Melgaco offers one of the most thrilling adventures available. This activity involves leaping headfirst from a crane at 40 meters (*), with a bungee cord attached to both ankles before being released after a set period – giving an exciting “yo-yo effect.” Truly one of the best experiences available here – making this one of the must-do activities when visiting Melgaco!

Moncao e Melgaco boasts an illustrious history as an important center in Portugal’s kingdom, from its walls and castles highlighting its strategic role to borderland traditions and Alvarinho wine being among its signature products. Additionally, several sites in Moncao e Melgaco have been declared National Heritage Sites.

Melgaco, located near Spain, boasts a unique cultural heritage including ancient anthropological roots and traditional farming methods. Melgaco is well known for its Vinho Verde production; visitors can sample various varieties at its renowned Wine Festival held here each year. Also, visit Solar do Alvarinho or Mother Church to observe how this drink is created!

Melgaco offers accommodations to suit every budget, ranging from capsules to top-of-the-line luxury hotels. Some hotels even provide concierge support so that visitors can make plans to visit cultural landmarks such as Museu de Cinema de Melgaco and Church of Sao Martinho.

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Are you feeling daring? Why not test out the new flyboard? Similar to jet packs, this futuristic equipment gives the sensation of flight while providing beautiful mountain and ocean views! It makes a great way to relax or experience adventure.


Faro offers one of the most thrilling bungee jumping experiences in Portugal, providing a lifetime-changing adrenaline rush! Safe and thrilling activities such as this jump are suitable for people of all ages; harnesses and helmets must always be worn; additionally a guide will be present and help ensure proper safety measures.

Faro offers an authentic Portuguese experience rather than your standard beach holiday. A small city, Faro can easily be explored on foot while boasting many attractions to offer visitors. From restaurants and shops, Faro serves as a good starting point for day trips to Olhao, Tavira, Loule via bus or train services.

Faro, Portugal lies along the Atlantic Ocean coast in Southern Portugal and its beaches are famed for their pristine, unspoiled sand. Praia Da Ilha Deserta stretches six kilometers and lies within an area protected as a nature reserve with various bird species thriving there.

Faro’s historic old town features cobbled streets and charming buildings, and offers visitors plenty of activities including windsurfing and sailing. Furthermore, Faro’s marina provides mooring for both fishing boats and pleasure craft – conveniently close to its city center.

At this park, bungee jumping is just one of many exciting adventures available to visitors. Try your hand at rope swinging or pendulum jumping – two activities similar to bungee jumping without cords attached – plus suspension bridges, an underground labyrinth mine and other fun activities!

Faro offers visitors an unforgettable bungee jump experience while taking in breathtaking sea views. Each guest is measured and weighted to ensure they touch the water at the appropriate level; making this one of only five water-touch bungee jumps worldwide.


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