Top 4 Places For Bungee Jumping in Europe

Bungee jumping can be the perfect way to test your nerves or simply experience breathtaking sights – here are some of Europe’s finest bungee jumps to increase the adrenaline rush and bring an edge of excitement!

Be sure to dress comfortably and watch the briefing video closely (many sites require jumpers to arrive an hour early for their scheduled jump). Best of luck!

1. Corinth Canal in Greece

Corinth Canal in Greece has long been known for its popular attraction; now it stands as one of the best spots in Europe to try bungee jumping. Jumpers take off from an 80 meter bridge that towers above water; many describe their experience as one of their most exhilarating ever!

Classical times saw the initial attempt at building a canal across Corinth fail due to difficulties overcoming natural barriers and financial constraints. Another attempt began in 1881 but again encountered difficulties, leading to repairs on several occasions due to landslide repairs being necessary. Regardless, modern ships continue using Corinth canal as vital shipping routes today.

Today, the canal stands as a symbol of unity among peoples. Tourists, merchants and pilgrims from around the globe visit it in peace and brotherhood to admire what man has created with their hands.

Zulu Bungy offers adventurous thrill seekers an exhilarating jumping experience from the Corinth Canal bridge with their thrilling range of packages; their starting price of EUR80 includes jumping, Go Pro DVD recording and T-Shirt for an exciting and thrilling adventure! Each participant must first be weighed so their appropriate bungee cord can be fitted; after which a quick safety check ensures a successful experience!

After the jump is complete, the company offers video and photographic services at a small fee. In order to take part, participants should be healthy and free from medical conditions such as pregnancy, heart disease or diabetes as well as medication such as sedatives, anti-depressants or anti-anxiety; otherwise the company reserves the right to refuse participation based on any health issues; those interested must submit valid passports and fill out all paperwork before participating. Please keep in mind that weather-dependent jumps can be cancelled or rescheduled according to conditions if weather-dependent conditions arises before taking part in such an activity if weather-dependent conditions arises or weather is unfavourably affected!

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2. Contra Dam in Switzerland

Contra Dam may not sound thrilling, but it is one of Europe’s most beloved bungee jumps. Situated at 220 meters in Switzerland and known as Verzasca Dam/Locarno Dam respectively, it provides stunning views over its rugged mountain landscape and stunning mountain peaks. You may recognize this landmark from Pierce Brosnan jumping off it in GoldenEye! This popular jump is run by Trekking Team company and boasts experienced jump masters to ensure safety; night jumps are also offered, when only your headlamp and sounds of running river are guides!

Another great aspect of this bungee jumping spot is that it allows you to jump with friends or loved ones, making the experience all the more unforgettable. Doing it together provides a fantastic opportunity to bond and create unforgettable memories together.

Switzerland is often associated with Swiss watches and Toblerone chocolate; but Switzerland also hosts Europe’s highest bungee jumping from a suspended bridge, the Niouc Bridge. Although not recommended for beginners, this jump will take you up 233 meters (700 feet) in just seconds; nevertheless there are numerous safety precautions in place to make the experience safe and fun.

The Niouc Bridge, open between May and October, can provide an exciting starting point for European bungee jumping adventures. If you are intrigued by this thrilling sport or would simply like more information on how it works, check out the Niouc Bridge official website; here you will find everything necessary to plan a visit and book a jump.

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3. Europabrucke Bridge in Austria

Europa Bridge near Innsbruck in Austria stands out as an impressive bungee jumping site worldwide. Since Rupert Hirner made his initial jump on 3 October 1993, thousands of daredevils have leapt off this breathtaking structure to experience weightlessness while freefalling into the valley below – more than simply an adrenaline rush; bungee jumping provides a transformative experience that helps build self-confidence while conquering fears in an exciting way.

This bridge, commonly referred to as ‘The Bridge of Europe’, spans 777 meters (2,549 feet), connecting Wipp valley south of Innsbruck in Tirol with Austria and Italy through South Tyrol across the Alps. It carries A13 Brenner Autobahn (and European Route E45) over Sill River as part of main route between western Austria and Italy via South Tyrol across Alps.

The Europa Bridge is an impressive structure featuring an enormous steel box girder bridge spanning 196 metres. At one time it was Europe’s highest bridge; however, that distinction was taken over by Italia Viaduct with its towers measuring 147 metres from their foundations in 1974.

This cliff-hanging bridge offers various jumps for all abilities, including tandem jumping. Additionally, its stunning alpine views offer stunning scenery; and you can even record your jump for only 29 Euros!

At this exciting bungee jumping location, it will cost you $205. Each jump lasts only 5 seconds; during which the bungee cord propels you on an exhilarating flight that leads you over the tower and back again! Plus, take in breathtaking views of Pitztal valley below!

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4. Niouc Bridge in Switzerland

Switzerland is an idyllic destination, boasting stunning landscapes and jaw-dropping suspension bridges that make it the ideal spot for bungee jumping. Offering multiple jumps including Europe’s highest, there is something to satisfy every adrenaline junkie here – just be sure to check the minimum weight requirements first before booking: typically 45kg is recommended as minimum to ensure an unforgettable adventure.

Verzasca Dam in Switzerland is an idyllic destination for thrill-seekers and film enthusiasts alike, having been featured prominently in James Bond movie GoldenEye. Boasting one of the highest and most exhilarating bungee jumps worldwide – channel your inner spy by taking the plunge! So make the Verzasca Dam your next destination in Switzerland’s stunning Alps!

Niouc Bridge in Switzerland offers another wonderful bungee jump experience; known by locals as “The Spider Bridge,” due to its intricate metal design resembling that of a spider web, this high-wire structure boasts Europe’s highest bungee jump. Built originally as an irrigation channel in 1922, the high wire now provides breathtaking bungy experiences for only 5 francs!

Experience an unforgettable view by jumping off of Normandy, France’s Souleuvre Viaduct! Once a train railway bridge, this former bridge now serves as a bungee platform offering breathtaking free falls over Souleuvre River – you won’t soon forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience – be sure to bring along your camera and get ready for one heck of an adrenaline rush!

Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa connects two countries and boasts the world’s highest bungy bridge – making this an excellent spot for first-time jumpers or those seeking a less intimidating jump experience. You could also try O2 Arena London for stunning city skyline views! Be sure to abide by safety protocols and listen carefully to your instructor.

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