Camping In Zion National Park

The Zion National Park is located in Utah and is quite an interesting attraction for those that want to get in touch with nature. You can have a very good camping experience here, one that is much better than what many expect.

Camping Inside The Park

Zion National Park campgrounds

When you visit the Zion National Park, you can consider 2 national park campgrounds. They are definitely the best options you have on site. The main campgrounds are Watchman and South, both close to the south entrance of the park. They include properly spaced sites, paved roads, trees and that overall national park atmosphere that many enjoy.

Restrooms include flush toilets and there are sites for people that have disabilities. If you want RV hookups, you should not stay at South as there is no such amenity. Electrical hookups will be available at Watchman in 2 loops.

At the Kolob Terrace we have Lava Point, which is a more primitive campground that is around one hour away from the Zion Canyon. It includes tables, fire grates and even vault toilets. However, there is no water available. At the same time, there is a restriction to all vehicles that are over 19 feet long.

You can make reservations at the Watchman campground from the beginning of March to November. In many cases reservations will be needed.

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If you do not have reservations, you can stay at some of the nearby commercial campgrounds. It is a good idea to visit them until you can actually have some free space at the other ones. Inside the national park you are not going to find showers but in commercial campgrounds you will be able to enjoy such an amenity.

Camping Outside The Zion National Park

Zion National Park camping

Commercial campgrounds with RV hookups and hot showers are available close to the south and east entrances. This is not at all a bad idea given the fact that most of the attractions that Zion National Park has to offer will be close to the south entrance. They are a little farther away from the east entrance though.

The East Zion Riverside RV Park can be considered and is located around thirteen miles to the east entrance’s gates. It is a really great park for the self contained RVs and is close to Virgin River’s East Fork banks. Campers can use a pool, a hot tub and so many other amenities at the close-by Thunderbird Lodge.

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