Peak Bagging In Utah – Some Sites To Consider

Peak bagging is a relatively interesting activity that is not new but also not old among those that love trekking and hiking. It is also referred to as mountain bagging, bagging, Munro bagging or hill bagging. In case you were not aware, this is an activity in which mountaineers and hillwalkers try to reach peaks’ summits, usually all above a specific height or all from a particular region. Sometimes a specific feature is also considered.

Since peak bagging is an activity that is highly popular in USA, let’s tart with our peak bagging reports (more to come in the future) with Utah.

peak bagging utah

Peak Bagging Highpoints In Utah

There are 29 counties in Utah. 3 of the highpoints are double so they are considered as being 2 highpoints each. We thus have 26 Utah highpoints that you can put on your peak bagging highpoints bucket list in Utah. These are:

  • Bull Mountain
  • Naomi Peak
  • Delano Peak
  • Thurston Peak
  • Monument Peak
  • Mount Ellen
  • East Mountain
  • Kings Peak
  • Mount Waas
  • Ibapah Peak
  • Brian Head Peak
  • Bridger Peak
  • Mine Camp Peak
  • Kane County
  • Gilbert Peak
  • South Tent Mountain
  • Fishlake Hightop Mountain
  • Mount Peale
  • American Fork Twin Peaks
  • Mt. Murdock
  • Signal Peak
  • Mt. Nebo
  • Eccentric Peak
  • Deseret Peak
  • Willard Peak
  • Bluebell Knoll
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Peak Bagging In Utah With Children

If your kids love nature, you can always choose Utah as a great peak bagging destination. There are many different options available whenever hiking with children. The weather is usually great and we can say that there are excellent access points towards public lands. You can enjoy countless quick tips that are really easy when you take the small ones with you. Many of the peak bagging trips that are great for children will take you to the top of a mountain. Some of the routes are trail based while others are off trail.

winter peak bagging utah

Utah Peak Bagging During Winter

There are many that do not want to go peak bagging during winter but Utah is a great destination if you want to give it a try. You can enjoy various destinations in Utah and we can say that one winter will most likely not be enough to actually cross off all bucket list sites for winter.

Utah Peaks Higher Than 2000 Feet

Since there are so many peak baggers in US and around the world that want to climb many peaks that are over 2000 feat, we should mention that there are 84 present in Utah. It would take a lot of time to cover them all but if that is what you want, you should consider the state since there are so many options you can take advantage of.

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Peak Bagging In Utah

If you want to go peak bagging in USA, make sure that you consider Utah. As you can see, various options are available and these are just some of those that are possible.

Are you a peak bagger that went to Utah? Let us know what your best experience was or what the best peak was according to what you enjoyed the most. We love to hear about new sites that we may have missed!

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