What Can You Expect From Sea Kayaking In Skye

Skye is most renowned for the Trotternish peninsular and the Black Cullins. However, some people visit in order to enjoy sea kayaking. You will surely be able to enjoy so many interesting moments of sea kayaking. When looking at sea kayakers, the truth is that Skye offers so much. The landscape is really versatile and viewing the Cullins can be a true treat while you paddle. While sometimes the clouds will make visibility pretty low, the landscapes available will surely be enjoyed by you.

Sea kayaking is available in various regions. You can easily go to some small islands like Raasay, Rona, Salpay and Pabay. Kayaking to any of these is definitely a great experience. You can go north and the coastline ends up looking even better.

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We should tell you that the Portree sea cliffs will be high. You want to get a great view? Look from the top of Kilt Rock. To the north there are many small islands, different ship wrecks you will love and rough coastline. If you want to experience sea kayaking in a more remote location from Skye, Loch Dunvegan is your go-to destination. Getting away too far away from the coastline is not much. Some people sea seals from time to time.

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Neist Point is the sea kayaking experience in Skye that is the most exposed. The experience here is quite challenging when you use a kayak. Only advanced paddlers should consider this destination. Once you manage to go over the tough areas you surely end up with great views. This does not cover just the Cullins. So many different remote places are available for camping and picnics if you decide to visit the area.

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All the sceneries in Skye are worth to be watched. You will be able to see some pretty interesting wildlife. This includes sea mammals like seals and porpoises. Those that are lucky will see so many animals, together with sea birds, of course. The Golden Eagle has a home here. Just be a little careful when you go kayaking since some sharks can be seen in the area.

The only real problem for some tourists is that a lot of rain appears in the region. This makes many think that the experience is not pleasant because of this. While a lot of rain does appear, it cannot actually stop you from sea kayaking and having a wonderful time. There are always options available and places where you can paddle.

If you do not know where to go, you can always hire one of the many sea kayaking instructors in the area. The local knowledge can guarantee the best possible sea kayaking experience in Skye.

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