Here’s Why You Want To Go Rock Climbing In Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is renowned for the beauty it offers and the climate that is quite welcoming for tourists. There are so many great geological formations here and the terrain is quite varied. Tourism is growing at fast rate because of this natural beauty and rock climbing is on the list of growing popularity. As soon as you finish your research, you figure out the fact that Vancouver Island is a great destination for both rock climbing and caving. The infrastructure is already established and the geology is quite unique. The island was formed out of sedimentary rocks and porous volcanic rocks through oceanic uplift.

Why should you consider rock climbing in Vancouver Island?

Over 50 Climbing Sites

vancouver island rock climbing

This can be reason alone to go rock climbing. We have over 50 great rock climbing sites that are cataloged in Vancouver Island and in Gulf Islands. These are just those that are officially recorded. Many others do exist. You will find some of the very best rock climbing sites in the Strathcone Provincial Park, which was established in the year 1911. We are talking about the oldest of the provincial parks that BC offers, covering close to 250,000 hectares of mountainous terrain.

You will want to also consider Golden Hinde, which is a peak right in the park mentioned above, the highest in Vancouver Island at a height of almost 2,200 meters. It is quite challenging to reach the summit even for an advanced mountaineer so you can even just enjoy hiking.

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Go to the Crest Creek Crags for the best rock climbing destination in the area. There are over 170 rock climbing routes that are identified there. Obviously, routes range in difficulty from novice to professional so you know you will have the thrill that you are looking for.

Combining Rock Climbing With Other Activities

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You can find some pretty great caving and climbing opportunities in Vancouver Islands, ranging from Galloping Goose Corridor (which is close to Victoria) to Mount Wells’ cliff faces. The road system available in the island and the many communities found all around will make climbing great while being combined with various interesting other travel activities ranging from simple hiking to adventure filled caving.

Great For Beginners

rock climbing vancouver island

Vancouver Island is definitely great for rock climbing enthusiasts that are beginners since there are so many climbing clubs that carved the handholds and did bolt the routes in some of the most popular areas. Also, it is not at all difficult to find a guide or a trainer that can help you to improve while you are on vacation there.

One of the big problems that beginner rock climbers have is a lack of research materials or skills. This is not at all a problem in Vancouver Islands. Rock climbing is really big here so you will be able to find exactly all the information that you need to have a great trip.

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On the whole, we can say that Vancouver Island stands out as a great destination that has to be considered by both cavers and rock climbers. You will have a really great time and it is not at all difficult to plan everything.

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