Canopy Camping in Kapiti Island, New Zealand

Not many things are known about canopy camping in Kapiti Island, New Zealand, but there are many that seem to be interested in such an opportunity. You can easily go camping in the area but if you really want high quality canopy camping, luxurious accommodations and a really great time, you need to gain as much information as possible.


Canopy Camping in Kapiti Island 2

For starters, you need to know that the only way to get to Kapiti Island is via ferry. That means that you need to also include the costs in your trip. Also, when you book a tour with an agency, make sure that the fee for ferry transport is included or you will need to cover it.

Luxury Canopy Camping

Canopy Camping in Kapiti Island

Kapiti Nature Lodge offers the best possible experience for people looking for luxury transport. You will need to pay $355 per person but this fee includes ferry costs, DOC passes, Kiwi spotting tour and all the meals.

Various discounts are available if you are patient and you book ahead. You will particularly appreciate the opportunities that are available for couples or for complete weekend bookings.

Why Kapiti Island?

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To put it simple, Kapiti Island is a nature lover’s paradise. You will love the nature that is available, especially the many different bird species that can be viewed. At the same time, the locals are a delight. You will love to be a part of the Kapiti Island Nature Tours experience as Susan and John Barrett will offer you a tremendous experience, one you did not know was possible till you actually got there.

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The Barrett family has been living in Kapiti Island since the 1820s. This means that they now have a lot of experience and knowledge. As time passed, the island became world renowned as a nature reserve where nature lovers feel great.


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The reason why we recommend Kapiti Nature Lodge is really simple: it is the only accommodation that is available on the island. Overnight accommodation is of the highest possible quality and canopy camping is available for all that are interested. You will also be able to go on history or bird tours. Other activities that are available include harakeke-flax weaving, seafood gathering and seal watching.

When referring to luxury canopy camping, the lodge offers a perfect location that is practically surrounded by nature. All tents will share bathroom facilities but they are so great that it is not a problem. The meals are delicious and are prepared by a really well trained chef.

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