Best Surf Camps In Florida

It is quite obvious that Florida gives you access to many different surf camps. We warmly recommend that you take the necessary time to look at all the options that are available. The truth is that there are so many opportunities for those looking for surf camps in Florida that it will be quite difficult to make a correct choice. You have to always look at all the surf camps that you can find. Make sure that you use the internet in order to find the best school for you. What you love may not be what someone else loves.

We will recommend 2 options, what we consider as being the best surf camps in Florida. Consider them but also think about the other opportunities because of the reason highlighted above.

Ron Jon Surf School

Ron Jon Surf School

This school is basically perfect for all the late bloomers and the free spirits that want to surf during their forties or even later. However, it is also a great opportunity for children.

Ron Jon Surf School was founded by Craig Carroll 20 years ago. He is a well-known surf instructor and a former professional in surfing. The aim was to offer a school that can give out lessons for absolutely all levels and ages. The unique aspect of the surf school stands in the fact that it offers so many activities that are a lot of fun and the actual learning experience is very well thought out. Various teachers with a lot of experience will give you access to a tremendous learning opportunity.

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Younger surfers can join the Kids Surf Camp. It is quite a lot of fun and the student ratio during this surf camp is 1 to 4. Classes do fill up quickly and students have to be aged 7 to 17. Obviously, they need to already know how to swim.

If you want something that is more interesting, you can always opt for the kiteboarding classes. The Ron Jon Surf School will have you learn everything that you know about this sport so those that already know how to surf can so easily enjoy something even more adrenaline filled.

School Of Surf

School Of Surf

You will find School Of Surf based in Cocoa Beach. It is run by true professionals and the students can easily be accommodated, no matter skill level or age. The CPR certified instructors will give you all the knowledge and practice that you need to get you well on your way towards surfing freedom.

The surf camp is the work of Todd Holland, a really well known surfer that has been enjoying a clearly competitive career at a very tender age. The experience that he has was put into creating a suitable surf camp, one that can actually help those that are faced with various skills. Holland now competes only in domestic events. At the same time, he works hard in developing boards for surfing.

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Check out the school if you want to learn how to surf really fast. You will be surprised to see how fast everything happens and how fast you gain the skills necessary to tackle your first waves.

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