Best Napa Valley Wineries For Food/Wine Pairings

In most situations wineries will focus visitor experience on wine tasting and solely on wine tasting. However, we do usually consume wine with food. Many Napa Valley wineries understand this and have special opportunities for food and wine pairings, offering a sensation that is hard to forget.

Various wineries will give you a plate of food items or cheese during wine tasting. In this case you are left trying to figure out what to do since there is no mention of what wine goes well with what food. This is not at all a great idea since you can so easily make a mistake.

With all this in mind, we have to think about 3 Napa Valley wineries that go that extra mile and offer a great food/wine pairing experience. You will love what is offered and when it comes to enjoying wine properly, you simply cannot leave out food.

Signorello Estate

Signorello Estate

The wine quality at the Signorello estate is simply perfect. There are so many wines here with a rating of 97, which means that they are close to the top 100 wines of the entire year. Signorello offers a really interesting tasting room experience, with adequate wine-food pairings. This is actually the main reason why you want to visit since the pairings are simply awesome.

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There is no way to deny the fact that wine has to be experienced with food and it is great to see that the Signorello Estate properly understands that. From April to October they even serve wood-fired, freshly baked pizza, along with various other delicacies. The point is to make the wine pair perfectly with the food. Signorello manages to do to that.

Swanson Vineyards

Swanson Vineyards

You do feel right as if you are at home from the moment you step into these vineyards. You will be faced with a tasting experience that is heavily focused on paring food and wine, which is what you are looking for if you are still reading this article.

There is no mention about the various traits of the wine. Swanson Vineyards is all about the experience you will have when you try the wine and when it is paired with a perfect dish. The regular winery experience cannot be found here. You will not just sit and listen to an expert talking about the wine that is offered.

You will surely love the Salon table as everything around you is French style decorated. The feeling is cozy and perfect for the small groups that are accommodated. Your host is a guide and can help you to learn more about the wine, if you want to. However, you will mainly be interested in experiencing the food/wine pairings, for sure.

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Kenzo Estate

Kenzo Estate Winery Tasting Terrace Photo © Alice Joyce

The tourist experience at the Kenzo Estate is refined and serene. You will particularly enjoy the surroundings as the views are to die for. In most cases you will be offered 4 wines to taste, named after what goes into them instead of the color of the wine. For instance, the Rindo has its name from a Japan flower that blooms at the exact same time as the Napa grape harvest take place.

In the event that you want to experience a tremendous wine country visit and enjoy proper pairings of food and wine, Kenzo Estate is a must visit in Napa Valley. It is recommended and the sandwiches here have to be tested.

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