Caving In Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Harrison’s Cave is one of the tourist attractions that bring many people to Barbados. Those interested can experience an incredible subterranean environment. The caves were first mentioned in the year 1795, in historical documents, but they were forgotten. In the year 1976, Tony Mason and Ole Sorensen re-discovered Harrison’s Cave. Since 1981 the caves are available for tourists.

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Harrison’s Cave – Number One Attraction In Barbados

It is hard to highlight how special the caves are. They are naturally formed in limestone rock through water erosion. As the water went through the rocks, it led to the formation of unusual stalagmites and stalactites. Those that love caving will surely be impressed, especially when referring to The Great Hall, which has a height of over 100 feet.

Tourists get a chance to explore a real wonder of nature. You will hear streams rushing and see glassy pools that are calm and totally unexpected in such an environment. Visitors can even experience a little of the adventure that the early explorers went through as the tour takes you to the early exploration sites.

If you want to go caving in Harrison’s Cave, you will do so by tram. Tour guides will be with you at all times and you will learn about everything that you see while also being kept safe. Besides the tram option, you can also experience various other opportunities that are available for tourists. In fact, there are many tours available. Check them out here, together with information about price.

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The Tour

Most people are really happy with caving in Harrison’s Cave, Barbados. The only problem for some is that the tram tour will go too slowly. While there are various things that you can experience, the general belief of some is that the tour can be finished faster. Also, the entire tram tour stands out as a bit commercial. You will see that the guide will turn lights on and off to make the experience more interesting. While that is definitely not a problem, it is something that you may not like. In this case, you can go for the walking tour, if you want to experience caving at a different level.


If you are looking for the classic caving experience, you are not going to get it in Harrison’s Cave. That is why there are some people that complain about the tourist attraction. The truth is that a lot of money was invested into this site so as to become the country’s number one attraction, which is instantly visible as you take a pretty good looking elevator on your way into the caves.

If you reach this part of the world though, it would be a shame not to visit. Even with commercialization in mind, we are talking about a majestic set of caves that is simply going to make you feel astonished.

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In the event that you want to learn more about Harrison’s Cave, Barbados and the caving experience you can receive, check out the official website HERE and also look at the tips offered by past visitors on Trip Advisor.

Photo Source: Harrison’s Cave website and Trip Advisor website

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