The Top Rafting Places In The Ukrainian Part Of The Carpathians

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Many of those that love rafting will simply love the Ukrainina part of the Carpathian mountains. There are so many interesting options that are available and we are sure you will love the experiences that we recommend. Rafting is all about having a great and safe time and that is what you can obtain in Ukraine.

Cheremosh River Rafting

Cheremosh River Rafting

Cheremosh River is a tributary of the Prut River. It flows right along various historic regions like Galicia and Bukovina. Out of the various rivers on the former USSR’s territory, this river is the most respectable and popular among tourists. Rafting activities have been held here since the fifties with Petrashi and Biloberizka being the first cities where rafting was initiated.

We recommend the Black Cheremosh mountain river part since it has rapids of 2-3 complexity categories. You can use rafts, double kayaks and catamarans here. Tour To Ukraine offers a great experience that you want to consider when looking for professionals in the Ukrainian part of the Carpathians.

South Bug Rafting

South Bug Rafting

South Bug is located in Ukraine’s South Western part. There are various stops and routes that are available in the region. You will love rafting here because the entire route is interesting, safe and very picturesque. You will find various amazing canyons and the rapids are impetuous. The territory is actually the base of a widely popular and beautiful national park of the country, Buzhskiy Gard.

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Prut Rafting

Prut Rafting

The Prut River is a really popular waterway in the southwestern part of Ukraine. It flows right into the Danube River, is 910 km long and acts as the border of the Ukrainian-Romanian border and the Moldavian-Romanian border. Rafting happens in the Carpathian side of the river with various interesting options being available for those that are interested.

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Things To Remember When Rafting In Ukraine

You should know that the best time to go rafting in the Carpathian part of Ukraine is from the beginning of May to the end o September. That is because snow will melt and the water levels will go up considerably. This is true for Prut, Black and White Cheremosh rivers, together with the tributaries, some being available just during spring days.

Based on the season, the routes and the equipment type, the Carpathian rivers will be considered as being category III in most situations with some elements being of V category. Off-season training can be considered in various parts of the rivers, including those of the highest difficulty levels. Make sure that you ask about the levels so that you know exactly what to expect. Do not go rafting on parts that have a category that is much higher than what you are ready for.

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