Extreme Camping In Germany At Waldseilgarten Camp

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Those looking for extreme camping opportunities will always consider Germany since they can experience tree camping at heights of over 6000 feet. This is just the start and we need to consider what is definitely an extreme activity that you would love. You can end up camping in a location that you will most likely not experience again in the future thanks to the Waldseilgarten Camp in Pfronten, Bavaria.

Waldseilgarten stands out as one adventure mountain resort that you will need to experience at least once. There is a huge possibility you will try it again in the future. It is located in a highly scenic location and you can spend nights in a tent that is suspended over a cliff face or within hand built igloos.


The Mild Adventure Option

Words cannot actually express the experience that tourists can enjoy. Even pictures fail to fully illustrate the experience. All guests at Waldseilgarten can sleep in portaledges, which are deployable hanging tent systems normally utilized by a rock climber on a long trip that covers many days. In the camp you can suspend tents from thick branches of different large free standing trees. Guests will be able to descend and ascend with the use of rope assistance.

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The Extreme Adventure Option

Tourists that want a really extreme camping experience are allowed to sleep on overhanging platforms that are positioned among some huge cliff faces with a height of 3200 to 6500 feet. It is something that is only available for those guests that want an adrenaline filled experience. You have some extreme adventure options that are more suitable for those that do not want to stay so high but want more than just extreme tree camping in cliff platforms with heights ranging from 320 to 980 feet.

Waldseilgarten 02

Waldseilgarten Camp Offers Rope Climbing Training

If you never rope climbed before, training is available on site. There is trained staff employed that helps you to get all the techniques you need for descending and ascending the potaledges. You also get to learn other skills that are useful for rock climbing and hiking.

Waldseilgarten igloo

The Winter Experience

During winter months you would not spend your time in a tent. This is when Waldseilgarten gives you the possibility to sleep close to the local summit in a hand built igloo. You actually get to build your very own igloo but it is really important that you wear warm clothing. The inside temperature will be at around 3 to 4 degrees Celsius, no matter the outside temperature. All this is combined with various resort activities like tree rope courses, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snow walking and archery.

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On the whole, Waldseilgarten is a camp that has to be considered by absolutely all those that are looking for a thrilling experience. You will feel adrenaline running through your veins and it is something quite unique when referring Germany and most countries from around the world. Although the experience is not as cheap as we would love to see it, everything is worth it. You would be able to enjoy something that is rare and you will have stories that you can always tell others.

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