Coasteering In Pembrokeshire, Wales

The Pembrokeshire coast in Wales is a perfect venue for those that want to experience a great coasteering holiday. You will constantly find yourself swimming in sea caves, climbing natural rock walls and throwing yourself from vertical rock faces. If you love coasteering, you should put Pembrokeshire on your list of next destinations to cover.

Pembrokeshire Coasteering Facts To Be Aware Of

You need to be over 8 years old in order to be allowed by the operators to go coasteering in Pembrokeshire. Ability level is not important as there are routes available for everyone. Also, you will like to hear the fact that tour operators actually tailore the coaster session in order to meet the requirements of your group. Even non swimmers can be accommodated.

All coasteering guides in Pembrokeshire are qualified and know the coastline inside out. However, the activity is dangerous. This means that the experience is dangerous. It is really important that you never go on a trip alone. This can be problematic. Below we will present 3 of the top providers so you can easily choose something that is appropriate for you while being sure that high quality standards are respected.

Recommended Pembrokeshire Coasteering Providers

Celtic Quest Coasteering

Celtic Quest Coasteering is located in Abereiddy Bay. The tour guides will meet with you at the beach and will offer all the equipment that is necessary. The only thing that you need with you is swimwear, towels and a completely free spirit. There are different accessories offered like hoods, socks, gloves and helmets. Those that are on a tour will end up wave dodging, scramble climbing, swimming, cliff jumping and a lot more.

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Dragon Activity Guides

Dragon Activity Guides offers different adventures including kayaking, rock climbing, surfing and coasteering. You can use the to explore Pembrokeshire through various different travel activities. Only qualified guides are employed and you can take part in this activity without you having to be experienced. Keep in mind that there are many monthly promotional packages offered. You may want to take advantage of one.

Sealyham Activity Center


Sealyham Activity Center is a member of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group. It is based in an old Georgian mansion right in the middle of the country. 2 star accommodations are offered. This is a location that is specialized in many team building and adventure courses. It is perfect for a younger audience.

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