Rhine River Rafting In Switzerland – An European Experience You Should Not Miss

Rhine River is one of the biggest rivers in Europe and one of the greatest at the same time. Born in the middle of the Alps, Rhine flows through more than 1000 kilometers among amazing natural beauty. This makes it a perfect place for spectacular experiences, including extreme sports.

Besides chocolate and banks, Switzerland has been gifted with the Alps, which provide great rafting places.

Rafting is a really cool recreational outdoor activity and it makes the experience even better when you see this:

Rhine River Rafting


Springing from Toma Lake, the Voderrhein in Switzerland is one of the two sources of the River Rhine is one of the most wanted locations for rafting. While rafting can be a dangerous sport, there are grades with white water rafting, numbered from one to six. Grade one is not difficult and grade six means rapid and dangerous waves, huge rocks and severe impacts possible for all rafting equipment. Voderrhein is known for great Rhine River Rafting and is accessible to beginners interested in trying out the sport.

Rhine River in Switzerland is rated Class III-IV. The river’s class IV rapids are for beginners and it is a really nice adventure for any adventurous tourist. The minimum age required is twelve and rafting is available from May to October.

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Ruinaulta, also called Switzerland Grand Canyon. It is said to be a magical place, full of lakes and forests. Once you are there, you realize why. The gently sloping sand banks alternate with wild rapids and make Ruinaulta an extraordinary place for rafters or any other water adventure seeker.

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Rafting was a dangerous sport years ago, but rafting techniques and equipment have improved. Now it is a safe sport. However, it all depends on the area, because the traumatic stress (the impact when the equipment hits the waves) can still be a problem for some rafters. Even so, the only skills you need are to be an adventurous person and to be able to swim. If you are careful and you know your limits, Rhine River rafting is the best thing you can do. Up to nine people can fill a boat and you will be supervised by an experience raft guide.

Those being said, if you don’t mind getting your feet wet and you want to see the Alps from the water instead from above, choose an unforgettable raft trip on the white water rapids while admiring the gorge. Do not hesitate if you never did this before. The experience is unique since you stream with the Rhine. Switzerland is truly a great country for Rhine River rafting.

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