Desert Safari In Rajastan – An Experience Or Not?

By Vesi

Rajastan is definitely a really great destination for those that are interested in a desert safari. It is the largest state in India, located on the country’s western side and is mostly made out of the Thar Desert, also referred to as Rajasthan Desert. It shares a border with Pakistan.

If you are interested in a safari, you will surely be faced with the Rajasthan Desert Safari Camp as the most advertised and appealing alternative. The problem is that when you look at the reviews for the camp, you will see that some people are extremely happy while others complain and say that the experience was horrible. With this in mind, let us take a closer look at this desert Safari in Rajastan opportunity.

What Is Offered?

desert safari rajastan

The camps offer AC tents, luxury tents and deluxe camps. There are 25 deluxe camps available and based on the amenities that you choose, prices will vary. When you make a payment, you get a package that includes welcome drinks, a camel ride, evening snacks, Indian food, a camp fire during the winter, folk music, tend accommodations and breakfast. Special rates exist for children and additional costs will be necessary when getting extra drinks, eventual transportation to camp site, extra camel rides, dune cocktails, a gala dinner or dinner dunes. If you want to, you can arrange extra activities at a charge like parasailing, jeep safari, conferences, royal marriages or mobile camping.

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The most interesting opportunity that is available when referring to this camp is the camel ride. While there are things that tourists do not agree with in the reviews, nobody says anything bad about the actual desert experience that you get to experience. If you are looking for a really interested desert safari, the camp does offer something that you will love.

The Reviews

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The reason why the reviews are either really good or really bad is that people tend to have different tastes. For instance, some of the reviews highlight that it was cold during the night and no bonfire was offered. However, it is stated that fires are only arranged during the winter.

The truth is that some people will love the experience while others will not. You need to watch the photos and if you want a desert safari in Rajastan, the truth is that you do not have too many choices that are available. You will need to consider this camp. This is the truth and there is no way around that. The highest quality possible in the region is offered by the Rajastan Desert Safari Camp. Try to arrange a shorter stay just to be sure.

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