Best Bungee Jumping Spots In Austria

Austria offers some pretty interesting bungee jumping opportunities. They are actually much more interesting than many tend to believe. You can easily put your hands on some great adrenaline filled opportunities if you are just a little patient.

Below you can find various great bungee jumping spots that you will definitely appreciate. All are great.

Europabrucke Bungee Jumping – Rupert Hirner Bungy Jumping

Europabrucke Bungee Jumping

The jumping opportunity highlighted here takes place from a Schonberg im Stubaital bridge, in Tyrol. You will need to pay a hefty $233 for just one jump, which is definitely on the expensive site. However, this is a jump that is 630 feet high. We are faced with the third highest jump from a bridge in the entire world and the 5th highest all around the world, from anything. Keep in mind that this is one of the most impressive bungee stations in the world. Adrenaline lovers will not want to pass on this opportunity.

Kolnbrein – Rupert Hirner Bungy Jumping


This bungee jumping spot from a Malta, Carinthia dam will cost $205. It is definitely expensive as compared to the market average of $115. The dam has a height of 541 feet, the second highest jump from dams in the world and the 8th highest from anything.

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Danube Tower – Action Marketing GmbH

Danube Tower

This is a tower jump location in Wien, Vienna. You will need to pay $205 for the jump. You will be faced with a jump that is 499 feet high, the second highest of all tower jumps. Many that enjoy bungee jumping will love this location. The actual jumping platform is located at a height of 152 m. You are faced with quite an interesting highlight that you will appreciate. Also, you can always visit Vienna since you are there.

Benni Raich Bridge – Bungy Stuberl Pitztal

Benni Raich Bridge

This is a bridge jumping spot in Pitztal. You will need to pay $117 for a jump, which is definitely around the average cost. Your jump will be 308 feet high. It may not seem as being surprising but that is definitely not the case. You will love the surroundings and the adrenaline you will feel.

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