Luxury SUV Rentals for UAE Desert Safari

The United Arab Emirates is well known for its wonderful landscapes. Whether it’s the deep blue of the Persian Gulf or the city skyscrapers of Dubai. If you are looking for something a little hotter, why not explore the desert safari in your very own SUV. Car rentals are popular in the UAE, with many stylish models to choose from. Select from sites such as to help you find the perfect sand vessel. This will let you explore the vast open desert and wildlife all from the comfort of an advanced 4×4. Here are some recommendations to choose from:

Toyota Land Cruiser

Rent a car like the Toyota Land Cruiser to become the most popular dune-drifter there is. The TLC is a favourite among the general enthusiasts with it being a muscular vehicle, capable of anything. It has a stellar reputation for having an incredible sound when driving. Its signature sound of the engine makes it recognisable to anyone within miles, making it perfect to not get lost with. What makes it special is the multi-terrain system which can adapt to multiple sand levels and adjust accordingly. This helps to maintain both traction and speed in the blink of an eye.

Nissan Patrol

This is another popular choice when it comes to exploring UAE deserts. This beast of a car has a V8 engine installed for maximum speed on four wheels. It has enough stick to keep to the sand as it drives this speed within the dunes. If you want to hire a car that can go fast in the dirt, this is the perfect car for you. Even when travelling across uneven surfaces, the hydraulic system helps it keep balance so that it doesn’t ever lose control. As well as having plenty of space, it is perfect for carrying supplies quickly through the toughest desert.

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Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition is for those looking for something a little larger. This SUV boasts an incredible engine, as well as a perfect off-road style. Not to mention it even helps the planet a little by using an ecoboost engine. This helps with fuel efficiency so you can burn less while you drive more. The size of its wheels means it can handle any terrain easily. If you want to explore the farthest reaches of the desert, this SUV has you covered. The custom-system allows it to adapt to any terrain it lands on.

Jeep Wrangler

If you want to go for that classic look, the Jeep is a treasure. This off-road vehicle was made for the enthusiasts who wish to explore the wilderness like they’re in a movie. Enjoy the desert safari as you traverse the most difficult landscapes there are. The short wheelbase lets it move quickly and flexibly. It even has a removable roof so you can get the full wind in your hair as you drive. If you want to immerse into unity with nature, then the Jeep Wrangler is for the most adventurous.

Range Rover Sport

If you wish to travel by something more luxurious, Range Rover has its own sport model to try out. This model offers it all in one package: it combines both a strong engine and fancy features. Once you select the sand mode, you can drive through as comfortably as if it were pavement. You can also make use of the handy on-board features, with full music and Wi-Fi support. The excellent interior makes it feel as comfortable as it looks too.

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Where to Rent SUVs

If you need an idea on where you can find great models like these, here are a few sites that let you rent a car with minimal hassle:

  • Javelin
  • Renty
  • Al Refaheia
  • Rental Cars UAE
  • Sixt

Be sure to check out the insurance packages, which can cover any damage sustained in the desert. You may be fully liable for any injuries you sustain while exploring the open road, so it’s crucial to consider these insurance options.

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