Ecuador’s Stunning Cruises

Ecuador is a wonderful country to visit, one that definitely does not get the number of tourists it should. There are so many interesting travel attractions that one can visit and you have something for everyone. It is not at all difficult to find something that you would love in Ecuador. In order to highlight that, we can easily start with some cruising options. We will highlight a couple of cruises that are not at all expensive and that you will definitely love.

Galapagos Tour – 5 Nights And 3 Nights Queen Beatritz Yacht Cruise

Galapagos Tour – 5 Nights And 3 Nights Queen Beatritz Yacht Cruise

This cruise in Ecuador takes you to Santa Cruz, Floreana and Isabela, 3 of the northern Galapagos Islands. The voyage takes 5 nights in total and you get to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Galapagos National Park. You will also fly to Baltra from Quito so that you can see the impressive volcanic landscapes of the region. There is a huge possibility to notice blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, marine iguanas and sea lions. Snorkeling is possible and so much more can be enjoyed together with a knowledgeable guide.

What To Expect

Round trip airfare to Baltra from Quito is included. 2 nights stay at a hotel and 3 nights aboard a stunning yacht with all the amenities you may want take this experience to a whole new level. An on-board chef will prepare all the meals, including international dishes. The voyage will be done with a small group of a maximum of 6 passengers. With this in mind, make sure that you book ahead of time.

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Every single person that will go on this Ecuador cruise will enjoy undivided personal attention. The staff is highly experienced and the guide is actually trained in natural sciences, conservation and has a license issued by the Galapagos National Park Service.

Tortuga Bay Tour –La Loberia Island Yacht Cruise

Tortuga Bay Tour –La Loberia Island Yacht Cruise

The departure takes place at Santa Cruz Island. A day is spent at 2 world-renowned sites in Galapagos. During the morning you will be able to relax on the highly spectacular Tortuga Bay beach. During the afternoon, you can explore a large part of the bay, through a trip that takes you to La Loberia. Free time will be available at Punta Estrada pier and most tourists will love the fact that you can swim and snorkel with sea lions. Snorkeling equipment and transportation are included.

What Should You Expect?

Most of the people that took advantage of this cruise told us that the Tortuga Bay was the real highlight of the trip. The walk along the scenic Playa De Los Perros is something you will remember but there are also many other wildlife opportunities that are available for you. The views of the beach and ocean are breathtaking.

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