Visiting Europe’s Greenest Cities – Where Should You Go?

One thing you most likely do not know about Europe is that all around the continent we see urban areas that become cleaner, easier to move around in and greener. If you are a traveler and are interested mainly in the outdoors, you can actually have a great time even inside the cities now. The cities that are mentioned below are definitely green or going green. Next year, be sure that you consider a trip to see exactly what we mean.

Amsterdam – The City With More Bikes Than People

Biking is incredibly popular here, with numerous tours taking you past various large landmarks. This does include Anne Frank House, bridges and canals. If you do not want to bike, just walk to areas like the popular Red Light District or Dam Square. Take some time off from your city sightseeing and go on a canal cruise that offers cheese, wine and even others you may wish, like pizza.

Stockholm – The City Surrounded By Nature And Water

Biking is recommended for tourists in order to be able to visit more attractions in the city but you can also visit one of the numerous nearby islands in a beautiful 3 hour bike tour. Walking is popular through guided tours at a really relaxing pace, sometimes even included guided forest hiking. Cruising is great for sightseeing but you can also try a special rigid inflatable boat or a kayak for water touring.

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Berlin – Perfect For Bikers And Walkers

Beach cruisers are great for those that love biking and enjoying the sights at leisure pace, mainly riding past some notable spots like Checkpoint Charlie. You can walk off a beaten path to explore many of the neighborhoods in the area for wonderful food and art experiences and when it comes to water activities, river dining is very popular, just as popular as exploration cruises.

Paris – Experience Smells, Sights And Sounds

If you take a look at pictures of Paris you so often see that there are numerous green spaces so it makes sense to feature France’s most popular tourist destination on the list. Biking takes you through numerous unexplored districts and if you are interested in walking, you should consider one of the gourmet tours as they are truly amazing. If you are in love with someone, take the special someone on a Seine trip.

Rome – History Surrounds You At Every Corner

If you are interested in experiencing all the street history that Rome offers, biking is something that is simply great. There are electric bike tours for those that are not in a better physical state and walking is definitely something you want to do in the area around the Colosseum and through Appian Way. A Tibet river cruise is only going to make the entire trip more interesting.

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Copenhagen – Experience The Happiness Of Denmark

The Tivoli Gardens offer the best possible biking experience for tourists and if you are interested in burning calories the old fashioned way, just go on a café or a food tour. Cruising is also something to take into account, allowing tourists to go past buildings that are centuries old right on quaint canals.

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