Exploring Osaka By Bike – What Should You Know?

Japan’s Osaka is a great cycling destination. It is well-signposted, flat and filled with destinations that you can visit even if you want to do so at a high speed. Osaka is quite cycle friendly and locals are often seen travelling by bike. Most British and American tourists are surprised to see this.

If you want to put your hands on a great bicycle, you want to do so ahead of time. There are not many bike rental shops available and those that exist will normally have a lot of interest to deal with. You want to always consider both free and paid options to be sure that you will actually have a bike.

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Possible Bike Exploration Destinations

You have access to limitless Osaka cycling routes. Your choices depend on stamina and personal wishes. We will mention some possible biking destinations but you want to consider all of them. Research will be needed.

Yodo River

Yodo River

Following the Yodo River is definitely an interesting cycle option hat is available since it goes through the city’s center and can take you to other sites. The trail will be winding, quite long and wide. If you want to have an Osaka city overview, taking you through flashy town parts and the working class districts, you want to check out the Yodo River route.

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Castle Sky Building Cycling Route

9:53 AM (+2h 24m) - 51 km (31.4 miles)

This route starts at a 17th century castle that many see as the most iconic of all the buildings you could visit in Osaka. Then, you go on the Kyu-Yodo River route and reach the Nakanoshima district. There you will find many open spaces, learn a lot about history and see stunning buildings. Then, go for Utsubo Park. Your journey is going to end towards Sky Building, which is the opposite of the castle, a highly modern structure.

Heart Of The City


You go from the river towards the Dome. This is a really popular local landmark that houses many concerts every single year. Hop on your bike after a visit and go to Dotonbori Canal, eventually moving right through the busy part of the city, thus making this tour gain the name Heart Of The City.

Make sure that you stop at the American Village. This is a really hip alternative culture spot that has so much energy surround it. Then, go towards various central districts that will remind you of regions like the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the Left Bank, Paris and even inner Tokyo. It is always a good idea to be on this cycling tour during the night. If your stamina allows it, do continue towards Tsuruhashi station. That is because of the fact that there are many restaurants with famous Korean chefs. The food you will find here is simply wonderful.

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