Most Exciting Tokyo Outdoor Adventures

Most Exciting Tokyo Outdoor AdventuresTokyo, Japan, is not a city that is renowned for outdoor adventures. Nobody will criticize you in the event that you do not know that you can easily enjoy various outdoor adventure trips that start from Japan’s capital. Most of them will be mountain based, with hiking being high on the list. However, keep in mind that you can also enjoy other adventures. It is possible that you find something different than what we mention below but these are options you definitely want to first consider.

Day Trip To Nikko National Park

There are different options available if you are looking for a full-day excursion to the Nikko National Park. The countryside is breathtaking and you can also see some stunning temples, sacred shrines and so much more. Guides are accomplished and a highlight of the experience will be a visit at the UNESCO World Heritage listed Toshogu Shrine. This is a structure that has a pretty fascinating history. If you are interested you can take advantage of some upgrades like trying traditional Japanese dishes for lunch. You can enjoy Kegon Falls and Lake Chuzenji and you do not need to worry too much about transportation since it is actually included through a round-trip basis.


  • A full day trip to the scenic Nikko National Park
  • Visit Toshogu Shrine
  • Japanese lunch (optional)
  • Hotel pickup from selected hotels
  • Drop-off at Ginza or Shinjuku stations
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Day Sightseeing Cruise To Mt Fuji

Everyone will tell you that you can always go hiking Mt. Fuji but what if you just want to spend a day in the area? This is where a sightseeing cruise can offer you a great experience. A full day trip is close to 12 hours and includes Mount Komagatake and Lake Ashi. Mount Fuji is quite beautiful and the boat cruises in the area are almost always laid back. You would get all possible entrance fees included, free WiFi connection, a knowledgeable guide, an optional lunch upgrade and more. Mt Fuji is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Japan so being close to it is a treat in itself.

Half-Day Canyoning From Tokyo

Tokyo is definitely a concrete jungle. Why not get rid of that and go canyoneering through the Okutama lush landscape? Such an excursion will take around four hours and will see you repel down right into a mossy-green canyon that is quite stunning. Then, go zooming down waterslides and cliff jumping. Most of the canyoning day will be spend inside water, moving from one destination to the next. You can take advantage of canyoning in the area as both a professional and a beginner. There are courses that are available for both skill levels.

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