Extreme Fishing Spots in Europe

Europe boasts an abundance of exceptional fishing spots. Ranging from scenic rivers and lakes filled with world-class freshwater species to sea or ice fishing opportunities, Europe provides fishing enthusiasts with something for every skill level and fishing style.

Billfish fans will be thrilled to know that Portugal and Spain are prime spots for catching Blue Marlin and Tuna, although some of Europe’s finest fishing spots lie closer to shore.

1. Fantanele Lake

Europe is well-renowned as an incredible travel destination, known for its rich culture, scenic cities and intriguing history – yet another reason it makes the perfect fishing spot! Europe provides opportunities for anglers of every skill level – from big game fishing for marlin and tuna to freshwater species like coalfish or sea bream – offering ample fishing opportunities across its shores.

Belis Fantanele Lake in Gilaului’s Apuseni Mountains is one of its top tourist spots. Completed in 1978 for hydropower purposes on Somesul Cald course, this reservoir covers an area of 9.8 square kilometers at an altitude of 990 meters.

Lake Victoria is renowned as an exceptional freshwater fishing location, boasting various fish species such as carp, pike and trout. Not only is the lake an excellent fishing spot but it can also serve as an idyllic retreat away from hectic city life and to simply appreciate nature in all its glory – its shoreline extends over 13km and is home to various bird species!

Slovenia may be small but offers an abundance of natural beauty and activities to discover and enjoy. Hiking trails await, waterfalls await and historical buildings to see. Plus, Ljubljana makes an unforgettable impression with its distinctive architecture and quirky cafes; Dubrovnik was used as the setting for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones; Dubrovnik has plenty of fishing spots such as Sava River or Lake Bled and you won’t want to miss it all if fishing is your passion or this is your first rod ever! Don’t miss these extreme fishing spots in Europe

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2. Iceland

With seven seas surrounding Europe, its aquatic ecosystem draws many travelers. But for some travelers, fishing offers more than just leisure – it provides meaningful experiences that bring people together while helping to relax and bond over shared passions. So what better way can there be to combine tourism and fishing than by visiting one of Europe’s many fishing hotspots?

Iceland offers fishermen plenty to keep them busy: stunning landscapes, fascinating history and excellent fish species to catch. Furthermore, its geothermal energy resources have propelled Iceland into becoming one of the leaders in renewable energy generation; helping it develop an economically stable society while offering its inhabitants high standards of living.

Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, is both beautiful and lively in spirit. There’s lots to see and do here from museums to shopping malls; as well as several excellent restaurants and bars that make this destination popular with visitors.

Iceland is not only an attractive tourist destination but it is also an outstanding trout and salmon fishing spot. Iceland’s rivers boast dry-fly hungry brown trout as well as 10lb+ wild salmon that feed off of dry flies, while larger sea lakes in its western region hold mackerel and haddock populations that can easily be caught using hook and line techniques.

Iceland can get very cold during the winter, but that doesn’t stop fishing altogether. Locals and tourists alike still take part in popular ice fishing spots around Iceland; now is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at Northern Pike, Zander Trout or other species!

3. The Langa River

Langa River has long been recognized as one of Europe’s premier fly fishing rivers. Fly fishing is an artful combination of natural beauty and the thrill of the catch; players use fake bugs called flies which they cast into the water with special rods.

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Many of Europe’s best fishing spots can be found tucked away from bustling cities and natural parks, like Sweden’s Ringsjon Lake where visitors can fish for both rainbow trout and whitefish in peace. Drevviken Lake also provides similar experiences, while both lakes are situated within beautiful, sustainable forests offering visitors numerous activities.

Deep sea fishing is a beloved activity throughout Europe, offering the chance to see some of the most stunning coastline. There is plenty of great fish species available for targeting, such as tuna and marlin; however, such prized specimens require longer boat journeys in order to find.

If you want to experience Europe from another angle, fishing the Orkney Islands of Scotland might just be your ticket. This majestic archipelago boasts abundant wildlife and some of the world’s best-preserved Neolithic sites. Additionally, try your luck fishing the Egadi islands of Sicily or Sardinia’s coast for exceptional seafood offerings that should not be missed.

4. The Sava River

Europe boasts an abundance of stunning angling spots. Ranging from serene lakes and rivers teeming with freshwater superstars, Europe offers something special for beginner or expert anglers alike – though choosing between them all may prove challenging!

For an experience that’s both wild and beautiful, the Sava River in Slovenia offers both. This crystal-clear river boasts abundant Marble Trout as well as other species like Brown Trout and Grayling Trout; plus its lush green pools contain plentiful food sources to sustain abundant fish stocks.

This classic freestone river features scenic waterfalls and serene salmon pools along its upper stretches, while its lower sections present more rugged challenges due to a power station lake that affects water levels of the river below – but even so, this remains an outstanding fishery.

The river winds its way through some stunning Slovenian cities and towns, giving you ample opportunity to take in some culture while fishing. Ljubljana boasts an idyllic blend of east-meets-west architecture while Lake Bled looks straight out of a fairy tale book.

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And should you manage to land one, your guide will organize an impressive celebration! They may even buy you drinks to toast your success and toast to an unforgettable adventure – leaving a lifetime of memories behind!

5. The French Riviera

The French Riviera (commonly referred to as Cote d’Azur) is an idyllic coastal region that runs along France’s southeast corner and borders on the Mediterranean Sea. This sun-kissed region features blindingly white sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, isolated islands and stunning seascapes – an awe-inspiring setting indeed!

The Riviera’s charm extends far beyond its natural beauty; it is also filled with charming old towns that transport you back in time. Visit charming Nice with its winding streets and bustling markets or visit ancient Antibes with its 16th-century ramparts for an experience straight out of history. Additionally, in the 1920s many high-profile European and American celebrities such as Grace Kelly, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Douglas Fairbanks, Marlene Dietrich were all drawn by its glamourous lifestyle on offer – Grace Kelly is only one example among many of such stars who fell head over heels in love with Riviera charm!

As you explore this region, you’ll discover an array of activities, ranging from watersports to mountain climbing. And for fishing enthusiasts, Lake Vanern provides great opportunities for trophy carp fishing as well as being home to various species including northern pike, perch and trout.

When visiting the French Riviera, the best time of year is outside the peak summer months of July through August. At that time, crowds often overwhelm most popular attractions on the coast. To escape these crowds and stay crowd-free, consider Saint Paul de Vence – with its picturesque cobbled alleyways leading out onto picturesque views of Alpilles mountains – or dine at La Colombe d’Or restaurant which showcases artwork by Matisse and Calder among its offerings.

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