2 Days of Fullest Relaxation on the Luxury Scarlet Pearl Cruise

I just returned from one of the best trips of my life to Lan Ha Bay, it was an absolute dream. This place will leave you breathless with its mystical beauty and hidden caves. And guess what! I experienced the whole trip while on the best cruise line in Lan Ha Bay – Scarlet Pearl Cruise – for only $168 per passenger.

How I chose Scarlet Pearl

To maximize my relaxation after tough days at work, I usually have high requirements for my travel. Regarding the cruise, I want it to have a luxurious appearance with modern facilities. Also, the food should highlight the culinary culture of the visited destination.

After many online reviews, I chose to book Scarlet Pearl Cruise through www.halongbayjunkboat.com. The reason was not only the luxurious interiors but also the catamaran, a service only offered by Scarlet Pearl. I booked a Silver Pearl suite with a spacious area of 28 m2 and a private balcony. The brand also provided me with some special discounts. However, please note that this price excludes transfer and drink fees.

An enticing price of Scarlet Pearl Cruise provided by halongbayjunkboat.com

Interesting 2-day cruise

Although the trip only lasted 2 days, the itinerary still provided us with every remarkable beauty of Halong Bay & Lan Ha Bay. Let’s check out what we did during the cruise!

Day 1: Hanoi – Lan Ha Bay – Dark & Bright Cave – Ao Ech Area

At about 8:30, a luxurious limousine picked us up at Hanoi Old Quarter and departed for Halong Bay. The car was well-equipped with comfy leather seats, wifi, and water bottles. During the transfer, you will have a 15-minute break at the station. After 2.5 hours, we arrived at Room No. 3 on the 1st floor of Halong International Cruise Port. Then, we checked in and took a small boat to reach the Scarlet Pearl Cruise in 25 minutes.

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As we got to the boat, I was fascinated by the magnificence of Scarlet Pearl. Although it was rainy, we received a warm welcome from the whole crew. They gave us cool towels to refresh ourselves before having our first buffet lunch.

The luxury Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Our lunch was served at Tahiti Restaurant while the cruise traveled across primitive Lan Ha Bay. The restaurant was so elegant, with a view of the magnificent islands. Our buffet line was a perfect combination of Asian and Western cuisines. I chose braised mackerel in sauce and ‘La Vong’ grilled fish. The fish was so fresh and juicy that I yearned to eat it every day. If you are a vegan, do not worry; a wide range of Western salads is always ready.

After lunch, we checked in our Silver Pearl cabin on the 2nd floor. This suite is decorated in Japanese style and has a beautiful bay view. I was immediately drawn to the smell of aromatherapy, which spread in every corner of the stateroom. However, the highlight of this well-equipped room is the private balcony, where I can capture the bay’s atmosphere while enjoying my sip. The room was so cozy and sweet!

Our cozy cabin in exquisite Japanese style

We started our first outdoor activity in the afternoon – kayaking in Dark & Bright Cave. However, due to the bad weather, we only visited Bright Cave. Our adventure began with a thrilling kayak ride through the entrance. After that, I reached a secluded area and felt like I was in a lost world covered with towering cliffs, emerald sea, and pristine nature.

Kayaking – a must-try activity when you are at Halong Bay

After the cave visit, we had some relaxation time on the sundeck. I soaked myself in the public jacuzzi and enjoyed the serene ambiance of Halong Bay. This was my first time enjoying picturesque nature on a stormy day, and it was pretty interesting. However, the size of this jacuzzi was quite small, and it only fit two adults.

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Then, I participate in the cooking class in the restaurant. We were taught to make a typical Vietnamese dish – fried spring rolls. The ingredients included carrots, onions, mushrooms, and chopped pork. As it was my first time, I could not scroll the rice paper firmly. However, the taste was still excellent after I fried it.

We joined the Sunset Party when the cooking was finished. There were many kinds of canapés and fruits for you to choose from. Also, you can have a chance to ‘buy one, get one’ drinks during the Happy Hour, which is from 17:30 – 18:30. I ordered a Pina Colada and the taste was so smooth. It was even better when I tried it with the fruits.

Afterward, we had a 5-course fine dining dinner, including three starters, one main course, and one dessert. For the appetizer, the chef took advantage of fresh seafood and local specialties, typically the Halong farci crab. The main dish will have two options: beefsteak and pan-fried seabass. I tried the seabass fillets, and they were so juicy and had a rich taste.

Main dishes of Scarlet Pearl that take advantage of seafood

At the end of the day, I pampered myself with a movie in the entertainment room. The room was pretty cozy, suitable for a family gathering or couple’s time. However, if you want to have small talks while enjoying the night view of Halong Bay, you may sip at the Sky Bar.

Day 2: Catamaran Experience in Lan Ha Bay – Hanoi

Because it was a gloomy day, we had to cancel the Tai Chi class in the morning. However, you may join the class if the weather is good to make your body flexible for an energetic day. We started our day with a light breakfast, including pastries, coffee, and tea. The food here was so good! Yet, there should be more meal options to mitigate the dish repetitiveness. 

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After the meal, we continued our final outdoor activity, which was to sightsee the beauty of Lan Ha Bay. The special thing was that we enjoyed the scenery while cruising in Catamaran, the service only served by Scarlet Pearl. This 2-body boat can carry 8 – 10 adults and accelerate to 60km/h without smoke or noise. If you want to sunbathe or explore the miracle of mysterious spots privately, I assure you that the Catamaran will be a perfect choice.

Camataran is a unique service only served by Scarlet Pearl

Back on the cruise, we had a small exploration before checking out. Each area is exquisitely furnished with high-tech electric systems. The highlight is the Akoya Spa, with 5-star massage services. They use special pearl powder for body massage and skin care. The service price will range from $20 – 52/pax, depending on your chosen time.

We then had brunch at 9:30 as the last meal and checked out to return to Hanoi. We reached the pier around 10:45, ending a relatively short but memorable tour. I’ll miss this cruise so much.

Final thoughts

Despite the gloomy weather, the trip on Scarlet Pearl to Halong Bay was so brilliant, and the service can elevate the experience to a whole other level! If you want to explore magnificent nature while experiencing 5-star services, let’s book a luxury cruise from Halong Bay Junk Boat now, and you will not regret it! The website offers various tempting deals during the summer, even up to 40% OFF.

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