Extreme Travel Activities in Germany

Germany offers plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities to test your courage. Biking, canoeing, climbing and skiing – the country offers it all!

Likewise, this country boasts an expansive tradition of outdoor sports like sledding and rafting. If you want something a bit more extreme, try your hand at bungee jumping, paragliding or sky tent camping for something truly exhilarating!


Germany offers many extreme travel activities for adventurous travellers. One such activity is paragliding, which involves flying an unpowered aircraft called a paraglider.

Paragliders consist of an airfoil-shaped wing made of polyester or nylon ripstop material with cells to trap wind currents and keep the paraglider aloft.

An expert pilot is capable of finding updrafts of rising air known as thermals that allow them to remain airborne for extended periods. Furthermore, they will have control of their glider and be able to steer it by pulling handles on their harness harness.

There are also other items of safety equipment that could prove helpful, like a helmet. Protecting your head in case of an accident while speeding recovery time after an injury may help speed recovery process up.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an extreme sports activity in which participants jump from tall structures like bridges and cranes while attached to an elastic cord. Recently, this activity has grown increasingly popular with commercial bungee operators around the world offering jumps from such structures as bridges, cranes and other high structures.

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Bungee jumping’s precise roots remain unknown, although it’s thought to have its origins in an ancient manhood ritual known as ‘land diving’ in Pacific Islands. Land diving was designed as an emotional test designed to test young men’s courage by asking them to jump off a wooden stand as high as 80 feet with only vine leaves tied around their ankles for support.

Select a reliable bungee operation with experienced, well-trained staff in an enjoyable, safe, and relaxing atmosphere. It may also help to find an accessible location. Finally, it is a good idea for the jumper to allow ample time for familiarization before embarking on their jump.


Rafting is a recreational activity where participants raft down a river or body of water, using teamwork to navigate safely through it. While it can be extremely enjoyable, safe navigation requires teamwork from everyone onboard the raft.

Rafting can be an exciting way to explore Germany’s beautiful countryside while experiencing adventure first-hand. Before setting off on this adventure, however, it is essential that you are aware of any risks and how best to mitigate them.

Whitewater rafting is an extreme adventure sport that uses an inflatable raft to navigate rivers or other bodies of water, usually on whitewater or rough terrain, in order to provide thrills and excite its participants.

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To stay safe when rafting, always listen to and follow the commands of your guide. They are experts at reading rivers and safely navigating your raft through rapids; additionally they should instruct you how to paddle safely – never attempt solo paddling as this can be extremely hazardous!

Rickshaw Tours

Rickshaw tours provide an exciting, eco-friendly alternative for visitors seeking something off the beaten path in Berlin. These pedal-powered vehicles make exploring Berlin an enjoyable and eco-friendly experience.

These roofed and closable rickshaws provide an enjoyable ride in even inclement weather, and your driver can show you all of the most interesting sights such as Checkpoint Charlie and East Side Gallery.

Rickshaw tours are the fastest way to experience Strasbourg’s German imperial district. Each rickshaw can seat up to two passengers comfortably, enabling your adventure through this historic part of town to run smoothly and effortlessly.

As part of your trip to Germany, don’t miss the Frauenkirche and Old Town Hall on a rickshaw tour! Not only will these tours provide breathtaking sights from a unique angle, they’re also guaranteed to give your adrenaline an adrenaline rush and are guaranteed fun – making this activity an essential addition!


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