Extreme Travel Activities in Portugal

Explore Portugal with an exhilarating bungee jump in Albufeira. This thrilling activity takes you up 40m into the air before allowing you to immerse your head in the sea as you descend back down!

Sea-kayaking in the Arrabida Natural Park reveals breathtaking rock formations and sparkling blue waters, while Lagos in west Algarve draws adventurers for sea kayaking, cliff diving and deep-water soloing – where climbers scale cliffs without safety equipment – among many other activities.


Portugal lies dramatically on the brink of the Atlantic, seemingly at its endpoint. An ideal combination of European sensibility and untamable natural beauty, Portugal is now a top travel destination for adventure seekers, from world-class hiking trails to surf breaks – something here will satisfy everyone!

If you’re seeking some adrenaline pumping activity on your next visit to Portugal, don’t miss the chance to fly like a bird and dive underwater like a dolphin with a flyboard! A revolutionary new water sport, this board features thrusters underneath that shoot out jets of water that propel riders up into the air and over the sea – quickly becoming one of the most sought-after activities at certain Portuguese coast beaches as well as certain inland lakes when there is enough depth.

Algarve, Portugal boasts the world’s first international cross-border zip line – and anyone wanting to experience its thrill ride should put it on their bucket list!

Experience Lagoa do Fogo from an altogether new angle by riding an ATV through its stunning mountain terrain, which provides you with an opportunity to admire its beauty from all sides! It provides you with an opportunity to get off-road and discover its stunning terrain!

Nazare is famous for its incredible waves, making it an ideal location to witness big-wave surfing. There are various tours available that provide access to these sessions with experienced guides providing assistance.

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White Water Rafting

White water rafting is one of the most popular recreational activities in Portugal, attracting crowds by the thousands every year. A team sport, this team-oriented activity involves participants working together to maneuver a raft through turbulent river waters using protective gear and paddles; passengers sit atop stable cross tubes within the raft called “thwarts”, equipped with handles and ropes attached for bracing themselves during rapids as well as footholds to help stabilize themselves through changing water conditions – guided by an expert river guide who knows all its ins-and-outs!

Rafting is an ideal family activity as it is both safe for most children and adults. To ensure you have the best experience possible, choose a company licensed and specializing in rafting excursions. When embarking on the river adventure, your rafting captain will discuss everything from what to do if you fall out to how best to paddle effectively and will ensure that all appropriate safety gear and equipment is provided before embarking.

Rafting is an enjoyable and exciting activity to try any time of year, though summer waters tend to be less turbulent and can accommodate participants as young as 8. For winter rafting trips however, more experienced participants are required due to increased levels of difficulty.

The Minho river provides an exciting rafting adventure, boasting both rapids and calm stretches for all levels of rafters – beginners as well as experts alike! Set against picturesque natural scenery, rafting on this river offers both challenges and excitement for beginners as well as experienced paddlers alike.

Paddle Surfing

Portugal boasts some of the finest surfing waves in Europe for novice or veteran surfers alike. Nazare, where Garrett McNamara broke the world record for biggest wave surfed, to Supertubos in Peniche offer plenty of breaks suited for all surfing levels and abilities. If watching professional surfing contests is your interest then each year also brings with it international competitions which take place all around Portugal.

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If you prefer water sports without needing to don wetsuits, paddle surfing may be your perfect way of exploring coastal landscapes and visiting hidden caves or beaches. Many guided tours provide all necessary equipment as well as transportation from and to the beach and a professional guide.

Duration of Your Paddle Surf Experience Varies by Tour Type. Beginners may spend up to two hours learning how to paddle and navigate in the water; or you could opt for an all-day coastal tour which offers both theoretical and practical sessions.

Stand-up paddle board tours of Albufeira are also becoming increasingly popular, providing an immersive yet relaxing way to experience its beautiful coastal scenery while learning about local wildlife and discovering more of what this coastal gem has to offer.

Wind surfing tours in Portugal provide a more advanced surfing experience, perfect for experienced surfers who wish to push the envelope even further. In contrast to paddle surfing, wind surfing utilizes wind-powered sails on surfboards instead of paddles for maximum adrenaline rush! You will feel nature’s influence while riding its waves.


Canyoning is a thrilling activity enjoyed by thrill-seekers all across Portugal. Also known as canyoneering, this extreme sport entails descending a canyon by means such as walking, scrambling, climbing, swimming and abseiling (rappelling). Canyoning provides you with the unique opportunity to access hard-to-reach natural landscapes that would otherwise remain out of reach.

Canyoneers have many tours to choose from depending on their skill level and preference – including those without jumps for those not eager to dive into the water. Professional guides should lead you on tours so they can ensure a course tailored specifically to you and your safety.

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Quad biking is another extreme travel activity to consider in Portugal, offering a fast and exciting way to discover its forests and beaches. Quad biking can be enjoyed by people of all ages; just remember to wear a helmet at all times and always travel with an experienced guide.

No matter your adventure holiday needs, Portugal provides the ideal setting. From big wave surfing in Nazare to exploring Lisbon’s historical sites, Portugal provides something for all types of travellers – not least with meals costing $15 and metro rides rarely exceeding $1! So plan a thrilling trip now; you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to book with us, too, when visiting this amazing nation!

Balloon Flights

For an unforgettable adventure in Portugal, take a hot air balloon flight. This unforgettable experience will leave you speechless as you glide over its beautiful landscapes and towns from above – leaving a lasting impression! There are various places where this adventure can take place but for best results visit Alentejo region due to its charming countryside and medieval towns.

Experience Portugal’s coastline through sea kayaking for yourself with this extraordinary activity! This adventure will allow you to navigate close up to Lagos cliffs while discovering caves and archways along your journey. There are numerous companies that offer kayak tours so that you can find one suitable to your schedule.

For those who are looking for something a bit less strenuous, dolphin watching tours offer an enjoyable way to see these magnificent animals without having to go swimming yourself. Furthermore, most tours include lunch so you can have an exciting and adventurous day on both land and water!

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