Fishing In San Diego, California

Fishing in San Diego, California is mostly connected with a sportfishing fleet that exists in the city. There are basically many private charter yachts and around 70-80 commercial vessels that will offer such an opportunity. Different types of trips are available including multiday trips, full day trips and half day trips.

Saltwater fishing season in San Diego starts every single spring with Port Of San Diego Day At The Docks. This is an event that is held in April’s last weekend or right in the beginning of the month of May. You can be a part of it at Sportfishing Landing, which located close to Shelter Island. All anglers can fish without having to pay a fee or having to deal with a license in California’s municipal piers. On Shelter Island, there are public fishing piers, just as with Imperial Beach and Ocean Beach.

When To Go Fishing In San Diego

The best time to go fishing is the fall or the summer. This is because Point Loma waters are filled with barracuda, bonito and bass then.

Places To Fish Near San Diego

Islas Los Coronados fishing

We recommend that you seriously consider going fishing in Islas Los Coronados. It officially belongs to the country of Mexico but is located just 18 miles away from the city of San Diego. This is a great spot for those that want to fish for big-eyed tuna, yellowfin and yellowtail. There are outfitters that are willing to take you to Baja California Waters even on multiday trips. Fishing charters are going to start from Shelter Islands, Imperial Beach, Quivira Basin, Point Loma and Harbor Islands. However, in order to participate on such a charter, you will need a fishing license issued in the state of California.

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Large boat fishing trips will cost you around $40 for half a day and anywhere between $130 and $200 for a 20 hours overnight trip that takes you to Coronados. It is important to compare prices and you should know that there are discounts that are available for children. Limited load rates will be available upon enquiry.

Freshwater Fishing In San Diego

Freshwater Fishing In San Diego

If San Diego is your chosen destination for saltwater fishing, you will want to consider one of the many rivers and lakes that are homes to bullhead catfish, channel, bass, sunfish, crappie, trout and bluegill. Almost all the lakes where fishing can be done will offer rental facilities for bait, tackle and boats. Picnics are going to be available at most of them but there will be camping areas that will have to be respected.

At the moment, the California State Fishing License for 1 day costs $14. The one for 2 days costs $22 and a non-resident 10 days license is $43.

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