The Greatest Fishing Spots Near Las Vegas, Nevada

Can You Fish Close To Las Vegas?

Fishing Spots Near Las VegasMost people think that there are no great fishing opportunities near or in Las Vegas because of the geographical location. This is incorrect. In reality, there are many different opportunities. In fact, in the Southern Nevada area you can find so many wonderful fishing spots, some of the best in the entire state. You can choose out of urban lakes, ponds and so much more. If you want to catch great fish like catfish, trout and bass, here is what you have to now.

Lake Mead Fishing

Lake Mead Fishing

This is actually the largest US reservoir. The area covers over 150,000 acres and the location is only half an hour away from the east part of Las Vegas. You can so easily enjoy wonderful striped bass fishing here. Fishermen can easily enjoy rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish.

As you can see, the habitat is quite different. There are rocky shorelines, deep channels and steep drop-offs available. Access is not at all difficult and you will definitely appreciate everything that is offered. Campgrounds are available in the event that you want to have some time and there are so many outdoor attractions you will love.

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Urban Fishing In Las Vegas

Floyd Lamb Park Pond Fishing

Most people do not know that fishing in Las Vegas is possible. As soon as you visit Floyd Lamb Park Pond, Lorenzi Park Pond and Sunset Park Pond you will appreciate what is offered. These fishing spots are quite productive and there are many other opportunities available in the suburbs. We highly recommend fishing in Sunset Park Pond because it is the largest. The fish population here is self-sustaining but just in case, over 20,000 rainbow trout fish are added every single year.

Fishing Around Las Vegas

Lake Mojave fishing

For those that do not mind travelling a little, Las Vegas does offer some pretty interesting destinations. There are so many fishing lakes that are located at under 3 hours around Las Vegas. One option that you surely want to take into account is Lake Mojave, which is located 2 hours from Las Vegas to the south.

Another opportunity available is the Colorado River. Here you can find a lot of trout and bass. The only problem is that water levels are fluctuating. You might not catch anything because of this. If you travel to the north of Las Vegas, you want to consider Pahranagat Lake.

Remember This

If you want to finish in and around Las Vegas, remember the fact that you need a fishing license issued in Nevada. This can be purchased, of course. When you get your license, make sure that you also get the free fishing guide. It can bring in some of the locations that you know nothing about and that were not included in your license.

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