Texas’ Best Fishing Spots

Texas fishingIt should be no surprise to see that fishing is really popular in Texas. There are so many different wonderful spots that you can consider, with those presented below being among the very best. Obviously, if you have other Texas fishing spots that you absolutely love, let us know through a comment. Readers will surely appreciate all the recommendations you offer.

Choke Canyon Reservoir

You find this spot around 1 hour from San Antonio to the south. It is practically a wild beautiful lake that features a lot of wildlife. You will get a chance to see turkeys, hogs and gators here so you do want to be a little careful. However, if you are interested in catching some crappies and bass, Choke is a great option that is acknowledged by numerous tournaments that are held throughout the year.

Victor Braunig Lake

17 miles to the south of San Antonio, this is a non-coastal location that allows you to catch many red fish. These are the ones that many feature in pictures as they go to the beach for fishing. You do not have to go to the coast in order to catch them in Texas as you find them in Victor Braunig Lake. In addition, the fish selection is quite diverse because of the mineral base of the lake and the power plant present. A Southern Texas fishing trip should include this destination.

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Fork Lake

If you want to catch big bass, most people in Texas will tell you that this is the spot you want to go to. It is located around 2 hours from Dallas and various state records have been recorded there. The Parks and Wildlife Department in Texas does a constant great job in managing land so after closing the local dam bass was introduced in many lakes and smaller pounds. As the area was covered with water, the bass population thrived. Just be ready to have people around you since much traffic is present in the lake.

San Antonio Bay

This bay is located between the Aransas and Matagorda Bays, around 55 miles from Corpus Christi. It is a really good fishing spot if you want to catch spotted sea trout but various other sea fish is present, including southern kingfish, pinfish, flounder and ladyfish. What is interesting is that while you are fishing you can check out the local coast that is a wildlife preserve dedicated to exotic species like pelicans, herons and cranes.

Guadalupe River

When you want to catch rainbow trout in Texas, Guadalupe River is the best possible place. The fish is not a native but it is often introduced every single winter to draw in anglers. After spring passes the fish cannot easily survive so it is worth trying to catch them all. Canyon Tailrace is the best place to go to on this river. It is close to Canyon Lake.

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