Why Should You Go Whale Watching In Seattle?

Whales are one of the most majestic creatures of the sea. They bring forth the beauty of the sea animals, their power and strength and finally their grace. It’s not something that you get to see every day and mostly, it’s not something you will forget. One of the greatest places that can provide with such an experience is the whale watching tours in Seattle. The greatest things about such an experience is the fact that it gives you the sense of the harmony that can be found in nature. The creatures of the sea lead their lives peacefully and without any real worries. That is something that many tourists talk about when it comes to their whale watching experiences.

There Is More To It

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The idea of whale watching tours comes as a part of the entire experience that the wildlife can offer you. For example, there are bald eagles and ospreys that can be watched how the feast from the fish in the water, even if they are the kings of the sky. Additionally, there are gulls, terns, alcids and other type of marine birds that can be seen in their own habitat, being happy and free.

Where Should You Go?

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When it comes to the city of Seattle and its surroundings, there is a vast area of places that you can discover in order to see whales, birds and other animals in their own wildlife. For example, you can take a day-long tour that implies a trip to the Whidbey Island and then sailing through the Deception Pass. This is an amazing scenery that has taken the hearts of many due to its majestic beauty. Next you will arrive at the San Juan Islands where the tour actually begins.

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Here you can experience the wildlife and the remarkable ecosystem that has been preserved very well in the last couple of years. Here, trained naturalists and guides have developed various tours and experiences so that a normal human being that spends a lot of time trapped in the city, can actually enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, the wonders of the nature and more importantly, he can actually forget about all his worries for one day.

You Can Be Closer

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For the ones that are really passionate about these animals, there is always the experience by sea. Even if you are traveling from island to island in order to see the wildlife and the environment of many animals, in between the island, the whales are the most common view. This means that you can actually get a little closer to them (without scaring them, of course) and be amazed of how beautiful these creatures are.

A piece of advice here, don’t do this trip alone. Always have a specialized guide or professional that can point out the dangers in each situation. People have forgotten that they are not in the middle of nature anymore, therefore they don’t know how to react when something happens. Of course, you are completely safe, but you need to be as prepared as possible.

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