Best Fishing Spots Near Dallas

There are various interesting fishing spots near Dallas, Texas but you will surely want to experience the activity in one of the Texas State Parks or at a neighborhood fishing lake. You do have access to so many fishing opportunities but we will recommend 3 that you absolutely have to take into account.

Most of the locals go to Texas State parks because of the fact that fishing is free there. Most of the parks near Dallas include ponds and lakes that are absolutely perfect for what you want to experience. Also, fishing destinations are normally stocked every 2 weeks so that there is enough fish available.

Out of the many fishing spots near Dallas, we chose three that we warmly recommend:

  1. Lakeside Park – Duncanville
  2. Greenbriar Park – Fort Worth
  3. Chisholm Park – Hurst

Lakeside Park Fishing

Lakeside Park Fishing

You will need an official license to fish here if you are over 17 and there is a 5 fish per day limit, although there is no real size limit that exists. You can only use 2 fishing poles at the same time. Fishing is available every single day from 5 AM to 11:30 PM. Besides the activity, you can also enjoy various park facilities like grills, softball fields, playgrounds and bleachers.

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Greenbriar Park Fishing

Greenbriar Park Fishing

Greenbriar Lake stands out as a tremendous fishing destination near Dallas. It is actually great every single day of the year. This is a lake that is constantly stocked with green sunfish, bluegill sunfish, largemouth bass and channel catfish. During winter months you can even catch rainbow trout.

All children under seventeen will fish for free. Adults are required to have a fishing permit in Texas. You can catch a maximum of 5 channel catfish and the rule is normally to catch and then release. This is always recommended. It is not obligatory but it is recommended since some species are faced with problems.

Chisholm Park Fishing

Chisholm Park Fishing

There are really interesting family fishing opportunities that are available in Chisholm Park, allowing you to fish every day of the year. Ponds have really good bank access. The park itself has various amenities you can take advantage of, including 2 playgrounds, 3 picnic pavilions, restroom facilities and an Aquatics Center.

You do need a Texas issued valid freshwater fishing license if you are over 16. You can only fish by line or pole and 2 poles are allowed per one individual. Just as with the other parks, a five fish per day limit is enforced for rainbow trout and channel catfish.

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