Preparing For Scuba Diving In Crete, Greece

Crete is filled with tourists. It is the largest of all Greek Islands, a mountainous island that has natural harbours. You should know that Crete has a rich culture and history, together with perfect diving opportunities. Big fish are no longer present because of overfishing but even so, you are faced with so much that you can see. A holiday here can be perfect.

Beginners can easily go snorkeling at various locations. Those above a beginner level will want to go night diving, deep diving, reef diving, cavern diving or wall diving. The waters are always crystal clear, highlighting impressive steep walls, rock formations, colorful marine life and caves.

What Can You See?

Messerschmitt wreck

Crete is quite a big island and you can experience virtually countless diving experiences. Various dive sites offer something different and special. You will want to see:

  • The Messerschmitt wreck – A German ship wreck that can be found at a depth of 24 meters.
  • El Greco – A large cave that offers really attractive stalactites and stalagmites. It has an air chamber end that you will appreciate.

Useful Information

Scuba Diving In Crete

Your Crete scuba diving experience will always be better during Autumn and Spring, although diving is available all year round. This is because the large swarms of tourists are not there yet and the diving experience is perfect. The local currency is Euro and the language is Greek. However, because of the fact that this is a large tourist destination, many know English.

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Recommended Dive Centers

  1. Blue Adventures Diving

Blue Adventures Diving

This is a 5 stars Instructor Development center that gives you access to courses and recreational diving for experienced and novice divers. The highest quality standards are respected for education and safety. You will love the fact that the reputation of this dive center is spotless. This is mainly because of carefully selected staff from all around Europe. The guided instructions and tours are available in various languages.

  1. Dive Centre Creta Maris


The diving center appeared in the year 1994 and kept growing every single year. It is one of the most well-known centers in Europe. All the people that work at the center worked together in order to grow the overall popularity of the center. The staff is, once again, selected from Europe. Just as Blue Adventures Diving, the operator is PADI certified.

Obviously, there are many other dive centers that you can consider but these two are highly recommended based on what clients say about the services that they received. If you have other tips for our readers, make sure you comment below.

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