Great Caving Options In Africa And The Middle East

In Africa and the Middle East you can find some of the world’s famous caves, with a guaranteed pleasant experience you want to be a part of. In these caves you can find various biblical references and civilization traces. The region is huge so caving options are numerous. Exploring many of the caves was not possible because of political instability, jungle and war. In a slow matter tourism is increased and the beauty of the caves is revealed. All caving enthusiasts should seriously consider Africa and the Middle East, especially with the following destinations:

  • Caving Options In South Africa

For starters, you want to visit Echo Caves in Mpumalanga. They cover over 25 miles. Locals used them in order to hide from tribes that were approaching. Not many spelunkers reach the limestone complex. There is a pretty good possibility that you will have the caves all for you.

Since you are in South Africa, you want to also consider the Sudwala Caves. They are the world’s oldest, with many passages and chambers remaining unexplored at the moment. This is the biggest of Africa’s showcave operations. Then, head over to Cango Caves. There are many wonderful stalagmite formations in Precambrain limestone present. Dripstone cavers can often be seen in the halls.

  • Caving Options In Israel

Start with a trip to Kebara Cave, a rock shelter located close to Mount Carmel. Habitation evidence from really early humans can be seen, many dating back over 10,000 years. After the trip, go to Sorek Cave, which is the only Israel showcave with stalactites, helictites, speleothems, cave coral and stalagmites. Temperature controls and even lighting ended up disturbing a natural process. The last Israel caving option to consider is Ayalon Cave, a 1.5 miles limestone cave hidden from the world right under water impenetrable chalk. Various undocumented animal species were discovered in Ayalon Cave.

  • Caving Options In Egypt

The Cave of Swimmers, known as Wadi Sora, is the original one, not the one we saw in the English Patient. It is located in Egypt’s Southwest, right close to the Gilf Kebir plateau. The caves are small and feature dozens of different small cave paintings with wonderful human habitation traces.

  • Caving In Tunisia

Matmata should be considered by all caving enthusiasts. This is where the very first Star Wards movie was filmed and you can see many beautiful dug-out Berber homes.

  • Caving In Madagascar

The Grottes D’Andranoboka is basically a collective name of different cave systems located in the area, including a really impressive 3.1 mile long cave that has 13 entrances, Grottes d’Anjohibe.

  • Caving In Rwanda

Last but not least, be sure that you also consider the Musanze Cave in Rwanda. It is 1.25 miles long and features a pretty large colony of bats. It was a genocide site and was featured with many bones until now.

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If you want to have a great caving experience, the Middle East and Africa are a sure bet, an experience that few people get to experience because of the low popularity of the area. Do organize a vacation there and you will love it.

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