Best Surfing Locations in South Africa

South Africa is a premier surfing destination, boasting world-class spots ranging from A-frame beach breaks and Dungeons Big Wave Break. Surfers of all levels will love South Africa as its landscape provides perfect A-frame beach breaks as well as challenging big wave challenges that are surfer’s dream!

Jeffreys Bay (also known as J-Bay) is unquestionably one of the premier surfing locations in South Africa, boasting one of the longest right-hand point breaks on Earth.

Eland’s Bay

South Africa is famed for its breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife and rich history – not to mention some of the most breathtaking surf spots around. Professional surfers looking for Supertubes or Dungeons might enjoy it; beginners on their first ride could also benefit greatly from visiting South Africa as there’s sure to be something suitable in every wave size!

Muizenberg in Cape Town offers some of the world’s premier surfing locations, making it ideal for beginners. Muizenberg features long and shallow waves ideal for novice surfers to practice their skills, while its beach is protected from strong currents. Furthermore, Muizenberg provides easy access to Cape Point which boasts incredible surfing opportunities.

Elands Bay on South Africa’s Atlantic west coast is widely recognized as an exceptional surf spot. Due to its remoteness from Cape Town beaches, Elands Bay’s crowds tend to remain more manageable. Summer brings ideal waves here with southeasters combining with westerlies to form left point break waves that produce left point breaks that create ideal left point breaks.

Sunwich Port on Natal South Coast lies within easy driving distance of Port Shepstone, offering experienced surfers an idyllic place for thrill-seeking rides. A combination of rocky point and sandbank formation creates waves capable of handling substantial South-Western swells.

Dungeons is known for producing 30-foot waves during winter storms. Jordy Smith made Dungeons one of his surfing meccas and hosted one leg of Red Bull Big Wave competition there.

Durban boasts some of the nation’s most reliable surf. Thanks to its warm Indian Ocean waters and regular swells, this city provides ideal conditions for all skill levels of surfers – from novices practicing moves near uShaka Marine World Beach Park to experienced wave riders enjoying New Pier’s right and left breaks. Just remember: locals may have their favorite surfing spots so make sure you ask an experienced pro for advice as to where and when they recommend heading out.

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Muizenberg is one of South Africa’s premier surfing spots, boasting consistent waves and gently sloping sand bottom at Surfer’s Corner beach – ideal conditions for beginners looking to start surfing. Many surf shops in Muizenberg offer lessons including Gary’s Surf School which claims to be South Africa’s oldest surf school. More advanced surfers may wish to head further up the beach towards Victoria Bay surf break which offers more challenging rides as well as plenty of accommodation options.

Victoria Bay is considered to be one of the more treacherous spots to go surfing in South Africa, due to its rock-bottomed, right-hand point break, which is frequently guarded by local surfers when working well. Yet no shark attacks have ever been reported here, while locals are quite friendly – an excellent spot for beginners and intermediate surfers, particularly during winter when NW winds offer more challenging rides.

South Africa boasts an amazing coastline of 1,600 miles/2,500 kilometers, filled with incredible waves. These range from A-frame beach breaks and massive tubes to massive slabs heaving with power; making South Africa an idyllic surfers’ haven, especially the Western Cape around Cape Town.

South Africa is easily the most surf-friendly region of Southern Africa, offering a diverse selection of spots suitable for S, E and W swells as well as offshore winds from NE, NW or SE directions. Winter surf conditions tend to be better overall; however, no matter when or how often you surf South Africa there’s never been an inappropriate time! When surfing in South Africa it is wise to be wary of shark bites; therefore wearing protective gear such as wetsuits with plenty of UV protection is advised as this poses risk all over country – wetsuits with UV protection should also be worn!

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Victoria Bay

South Africa’s southwest corner is blessed with two of the swell-heaviest oceans on the planet, creating a surf mecca nearly always producing waves. Cape Town in particular boasts an amazing selection of beach and reef breaks suitable for beginner through pro levels – one reason it remains one of the world’s premier surf locations, hosting the J-Bay Open every year which puts this place on the global surfing map.

Durban’s surf culture is worth discovering, particularly along the promenade connecting uShaka Marine World and Blue Lagoon. Beginners will find ideal conditions in Muizenberg while further north, longboarders find ideal conditions in Muizenberg. As you move up the coast, New Pier and Dairy provide more experienced surfers with right and left hand waves which cater specifically to them.

Kommetjie’s Long Beach offers another reliable option for intermediate and advanced surfers alike, although it can become overcrowded during summer. At eight-kilometers long and with waves suitable for both regular and goofy boards, its eight-kilometer break offers a diverse selection of waves that can be surfed all year long; winter brings spectacular conditions – specifically south-southeasterly swells which produce six-8 foot tubes that will thrill any big wave enthusiast.

Stilbaai on the Garden Route east of Cape Town has long been known for its consistent production and relaxed vibe that make it popular with families. While its beach break offers consistent rides, those in the know wait for big south to southeast swells when right-hand point breaks get even more exciting – not uncommonly dolphins visit too!

South Africa’s West Coast is one of the wildest stretches on the continent, boasting big-wave beaches such as Elands Bay and Lambert’s Bay that attract experienced surfers. Although some sections can be dangerous at times, visiting it’s definitely worth your while to take in stunning scenery and witness some of South Africa’s astounding wildlife!


Dungeons is an unpredictable yet intimidating big-wave break near Hout Bay that serves as the Southern Hemisphere equivalent of Maverick’s, providing terrifying ocean battleground conditions and challenging right-breaking waves to surfers of all levels. Surfing this right-breaking swell requires top level skill and courage – one of the world’s premier challenge surf spots!

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Experienced surfers describe it as an unforgettable journey into its own unique universe, filled with thrilling adrenaline surges when overcoming fears to conquer this formidable beast. Many aspiring surfers aspire to become pros one day – it is certainly something many aspiring surfers wish for themselves.

South Africa is more than a surfing hotspot; it’s home to an active surfing culture. Many surfers also engage in other creative and business ventures; for instance, Mami Wata was founded by former Zigzag magazine editor Mark Davis, Nick Dutton, and Peet Pienaar as an apparel and accessories brand to honor African water spirits – an initiative which has since become the lifestyle and surf brand for South African surfers of today.

Mami Wata’s team is committed to bringing authentic African fashion and culture to the global surfing community, through stylish yet functional gear designed to reflect its spirit of local surf culture. Utilizing eco-friendly materials from local producers ethically sourced locally as well as recycled fabric with water-based inks. Their three storefronts in Woodstock, Bo-Kaap neighborhood and trendy Kloof Street function as urban surf clubs offering fair trade coffee as well as televisions showing big wave films for ultimate surfing fun!

Surfers familiar with South Africa likely know of JBay and the iconic Cape St Francis perfect wave made famous in The Endless Summer film, however South Africa offers many more fantastic surfing locations beyond these two. One such gem is Dungeons; an open ocean swell which propelled South Africa into big-wave fame during winter storms when 15-30ft swells break over shallow reef. Considered world class for big wave surfing events such as Red Bull Big Wave Africa it serves as one leg.

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