Bungee Jumping in South Africa

South Africa is one of the best places in the world for bungee jumping. This extreme sport is enjoyed by both men and women alike; clothing should include jeans with long sleeve T-shirt/shirt. You will surely enjoy the best bungee jumping in South Africa.

The Bloukrans Bridge bungee jump in South Africa is known for its stunning scenery. Operated by Face Adrenalin, this jump boasts the world’s highest bridge bungee jump.

Bloukrans Bridge

The Bloukrans Bridge Bungy Jump offers world-class bungee jumping experiences in South Africa. Conveniently situated above the Bloukrans River in the Tsitsikamma area of Garden Route, commercial operations began there in 1997 – boasting multiple world records along the way! Operated by Face Adrenalin and open daily (except during high winds conditions).

This is an ideal spot for anyone suffering from a fear of heights who is looking to overcome it through bungy jumping. A highly trained team of experts takes charge, employing cutting-edge pendulum technology for safe jumps. Additionally, packages are available so anyone interested can experience this thrilling activity!

South Africa is home to many adventure sports beyond bungee jumping. One such extreme activity is skydiving – an extreme adventure sport in which participants jump from an airplane and plunk down before using a parachute to safely land on the ground. Skydiving provides one of the most exhilarating adventure experiences while giving participants a breathtaking glimpse of South Africa’s natural splendor.

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Make sure that you wear comfortable jeans, a full-sleeved T-shirt or shirt, and closed shoes that won’t fall off while jumping. Also, ensure you are ready before staff directs you towards the edge of the bridge and before walking along a narrow steel walkway before jumping.

Face Adrenalin

If you are seeking an unforgettable adventure that will truly challenge and exhilarate, bungee jumping may be just what the doctor ordered. South Africa boasts some of the most well-known bridge bungee jumps worldwide – offering an incredible adrenaline rush! However, pregnant women or those with certain medical conditions should not engage in this activity as it could pose risks to both themselves and others involved.

Bungee jumping in South Africa can be a safe activity provided that you select a reliable operator and adhere to their safety guidelines. Injury risk can be substantially reduced if you’re healthy without neck or back issues, but always consult a physician first; those who already suffer from cardiovascular or neck issues could experience additional risks during a jump.

Face Adrenalin provides an exciting and thrilling experience to both beginners and experts alike in Krugersdorp. Boasting an outstanding safety record with top-of-the-line equipment like its top-quality bungee cord, Face Adrenalin provides a safety briefing and training sessions before jumping. After taking the plunge, take a cool-off dip in the nearby Crocodile River!

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Bungee jumping requires many safety measures that must be considered when engaging in this activity. First of all, all participants must be in good physical shape – medical certificates may be needed in some instances – and wearing the appropriate clothing with no jewelry or accessories that might become dislodged during a jump. Bungee jumping may be considered safe if performed by professional bungee instructors; however, this activity still poses a risk and should not be attempted by people afraid of heights.

Bloukrans Bridge in Tsitsikamma offers one of the premier places for bungee jumping in South Africa, boasting the world’s highest-span concrete arch bridge and offering 216m of a headfirst drop to thrill adrenaline seekers. Situated along South Africa Tourism Association-member Garden Route, Face Adrenalin runs this operation that guarantees an adrenaline rush!

Bungee Mogale in South Africa provides an unforgettable bungee adventure between two erstwhile cooling towers of Storms River Power Station – ideal for rebellious individuals seeking to test themselves and reach new limits! This adventure awaits those willing to push their limits!

South Africa’s bungee jumping industry is overseen by the Adventure Activities Standards Association of South Africa (AASA). This body provides operators with stringent safety guidelines and ensures all jumpers have received adequate training and are well-equipped before engaging in this sport.

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The cost of Bungee Jumping in South Africa can differ depending on the operator and jump site chosen. A jump at Bloukrans Bridge costs approximately ZAR 790 (USD 79), including video footage and photos; you may also purchase souvenir T-shirts! Ideally, participants should arrive an hour before starting this activity.

Start by weighing yourself so the crew can properly adjust the cord. Next, have a briefing and some safety checks, before moving closer to the edge of the ledge and planning to jump!

Bungee jumping is a thrilling adventure that has quickly gained global appeal. Not only can it relieve stress and feel alive again, but bungee diving can be dangerous if not undertaken carefully; here are some helpful tips to ensure a safe yet exciting bungee jump experience.

Face Adrenalin in South Africa provides many different bungee jumping options to those looking to challenge themselves and overcome fears. Their jumps are safe and fun, while experienced guides make sure your experience remains memorable. Bungee jumping with Face Adrenalin is an exciting must-do experience for adrenaline junkies; during winter they even offer discounts making this thrilling activity more affordable! So give it a go today; who knows, maybe this thrilling experience might just become one of your favorite pastimes!

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