Great Day Trips To Start In Panama City

Panama City is a highly cosmopolitan and energetic destination that acts as a wonderful base to explore Panama Canal, among many other destinations. In fact, there are various different perfect day trips that you can start from the capital. Those below are some recommendations to consider.

Soberania National Park

Located only half an hour away from Panama City via bus or car, Soberania National Park is perfect when you want to escape urban jungle environment. Here you can find a natural landscape that is perfect for birdwatchers or those that just want to spot wildlife. You can easily notice various animals from the howler monkeys to the green iguanas. Do consider the Las Cruces Trail, which is a hiking trail used in the sixteenth century in order to transport precious metals.

El Valle De Anton

When you travel to the capital’s southwest for 2 hours you reach El Valle de Anton. The charming village is surrounded by lovely volcanic caldera. Black soil is reputable, being perfect for the people that enjoy agricultural pursuits. You can find people interested in holistic therapies, with visitors coming in order to meditate, practice some yoga or just recharge their batteries.

San Lorenzo Fort

Chagres is a town with a historic significance in Panama but now it is simply abandoned. This is where San Lorenzo Fort is located. The fort was built in the eighteenth century. Now it is in complete ruins but it is a relic of the country’s history. You can tour ruins and then move on towards kayaking or birdwatching. The views of Chagres River gives you access to incredible views.

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Panama Canal Sightseeing Cruise

The Panama Canal needs to be seen when visiting Panama City. You can see them in various different ways but a sightseeing cruise is obviously the best possible option. In most situations the cruise is one day long. This brings you to Lago Gatun and when you are interested in seeing mountains, you have what to see there.

Isla Taboga

You get access to Isla Taboga 16 km away from Panama City. At one point the island had Indians inhabiting it and there were also the English, the Spanish, pirates and French that visited. If you decide to visit you can enjoy the beach, fishing and hiking. Many hotels are present, together with shops and restaurants. At the same time, you will not be faced with crowds.

Embera Indian Village

Embera is a Panama indigenous people group combined with other Colombia regions. At the moment there are over 30,000 people that live here and most are actually living in preserved, traditional villages. This creates an incredible contrast to Panama City’s modern and international infrastructure. Tourists are welcomed in traditional villages and get a huge culture experience. A guided tour is always the very best possible way to experience the Indian villages of Embera.

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Miraflores Locks

When you want to go on a great sightseeing cruise it is a great thing to pass Miraflores Locks. These are close to your city and all you have to do is go to the location from Panama City via taxi or bus.

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