Bungee Jumping Locations In Kentucky

Bungee jumping is really popular. We covered the topic many different times and we did notice that there is not much knowledge about jumping in Kentucky, which is actually a possibility. Remember the fact that bungee jumping in nature is a sport that would be practiced at various distances from cities. Professional companies do all that they can in order to assure safety and in a city, this is not always possible.

Kentucky Options

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When thinking about bungee jumping in Kentucky, there is just one company that you can consider: Vertigo Bungee. It is located near the city of Tyrone. The company bought Young’s High Bridge. This allows the company to operate an interesting bungee jumping location.

There are various things that can be said about the location and we can say that it is quite interesting. Quality is high and the professionals you will talk with are very good. You will learn all that you need to know in order to have the most enjoyable bungee jumping experience.


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You are surely interested in the safety that is brought forward. It is something that is important at the end of the day, obviously. If you do not know much about this sport, you will want to work with a highly experienced operator. Vertigo is one of them, making constant calculations and checking the equipment to be sure that safety is always guaranteed. See what type of jump is offered since you can receive a full body harness jump in the event that you are not happy with having your legs bounded.

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Equipment Usage

Nowadays there are 2 main types of elastic ropes that are used: unbraided and braided. The factory produced rope, the elastic one, is the most common since it is braided and is very strong in resisting shocks. Many latex strands are enclosed in a highly durable outer cover, offering protection. The unbraided cords are not usually recommended because they are hand made in various cases and are used by various operators that do not have experience. Vertigo is not one of them, with the best harnesses and cords always being used and tested so that security is guaranteed!

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