Valencia Air Adventures For Curious Tourists

Valencia is not only the modern tourist destination known for its City of Arts and Sciences, it is also a place where visitors can get involved in many adrenaline inducing adventures in the water, in the air, on the wonderful beaches or high on mountains.

The amazing city of Valencia offers numerous exciting opportunities for those who love to fly and feel free and this is why we decided to talk about the best air activities in Valencia.

Bungee Jumping In Valencia


The most exciting air activity tourists can enjoy in Valencia is bungee jumping. If you jumped from different bungee jumping spots in the world, you are probably wondering what makes Valencia special? Valencia offers not one but 4 different bungee jumping styles tourists can try: classic jump, super jump, double jump and tandem jumps. Tourists can experience the thrills of bungee jumping in Valencia but also in Alicante, a beautiful city located less than 2 hours away from Valencia.

Before talking about these 4 different styles, we have to mention that the unique jumping platform offers smooth landing and flight and the materials used for the ropes, chest and waist harness are UIAA and CE certified and are extremely safe.

Now let’s get back to the jumping styles and see the main differences between them.

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Classic Jump

You guessed it! The classic jump is the most common bungee jumping style. You jump, you experience adrenaline running through your veins and then you want to repeat the experience.

Super Jump

Super jump gives daredevils the opportunity to experience a longer fall. 5 meters more fall, to be precise.

Double Jump

Double jump is probably the most exciting type of bungee jumping since the adrenaline doses are doubled due to the fact that the ropes lose tension and you will be able to experience the full height of the bridge.

Tandem Jump

Those who are too afraid to try bungee jumping on their own or couples who want to live the experience together can try tandem jumping, because romance and adrenaline go hand in hand sometimes.

Skydiving In Valencia


Besides bungee jumping, Valencia is also a great location for skydiving. The companies in the city offer tandem skydiving to both tourists and locals who want to live the indescribable experience of jumping off a plane. In case you were wondering, the first 60 seconds mean a free fall at 200 km/h and when you arrive at about 1500 meters from ground the instructor will open the parachute and you will enjoy about 5 minutes of comfortable flight until the landing. Tourists can receive a video of their skydiving experience if they want.

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Sky Gliding In Valencia


Those who dream of gliding above amazing mountain scenery will be able to experience their dream in Valencia. The 500 meters flight begins on the mountain and ends on the beautiful beaches of Castellon. The most amazing thing about sky gliding is that the adventure can be shared with the family since there are no age restrictions. However, those under 18 need authorization from a guardian.

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