A Greek Island made for two

Longing for a romantic holiday with your significant other, but have no clue where to go? Relax! The answer is simple, the idyllic shores of the Greek island of Santorini. The islands’ legendary love status might stem from its hot, volcanic interior. Santorini sits on top of a collapsed volcano caldera (cauldron shaped land caused by an eruption). The views are magnificent, the sunsets exquisite and the whole island practically erupts with love as couples fall in love all over again in idyllic surroundings. Santorini could easily be included in any list of natural wonders of the world.

Dressed in white, the Aegean island matches the philosopher Plato’s description of the great lost city of Atlantis, the founders of which were half gods and half humans. The myth gives another layer to the flush of romance that surrounds the island. Known as the bride of the Aegean thanks to its volcanic landscape, the queen of romance is a big draw for couples who want to celebrate their love, reinvigorate a relationship or tie the knot with a wedding in Santorini.


Santorini-View from Village of Oia 3
By Bruce Harlick under CC BY 2.0


Santorini’s probably best known for its colourful sunsets that drop behind the imposing volcano deep into the ocean. The town of Oia offers the most picture-perfect setting, where whitewashed buildings are a jumble on cobbled streets, but where everyone stops to watch an evening phenomenon that many call the most beautiful sunset in the world. For a less touristy experience, visit the ruins at Kastro where locals and visitors gather in silence and applaud when the sun finally disappears into the water.

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Fira the fiery capital of the island is not simply glorious sunsets. There you’ll find small cafes, relaxed tavernas and ice cream shops. Get to the Venetian inspired town by cable car, or you can try climbing the 580-odd steps to the top, if you’re feeling up to it! Otherwise go with tradition and take a donkey ride up to the top. Fira is a seductive town, it’s small, sparkling buildings vie for space with the blue domes the island is famous for. For the most romantic of evenings, walk through the quiet streets of Katholika before stopping for a nightcap on the terrace of your hotel.

Although, Santorini isn’t as famous as the Caribbean for its beaches, its clear, warm waters and a choice of beaches, from white sand to the famous Red Beach, will do! For the best secluded days out with your other half, opt for the beaches only accessible by boat. These include Koloumbo, Katharos, Pori and Vourvoulos in the northern part of Oia, or the iron Red Beach at Akrotiri or nearby Mesa Pigadia, Almyra or Kampia.

Adored by many, Santorini rates amongst word-class romantic destinations, meeting your expectations of a romantic holiday you will never forget.

By Zoe Mouchritsa

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