The Top Destinations for Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

It is the beginning of another year and the time has finally come to make those all important decisions about where you will be spending your vacation. Many people can find it difficult to narrow down this year’s destination because there are so many great places out there; decisions, decisions. Well, taking a cruise trip in the Mediterranean Sea means that you can get to visit a number of top destinations all in one go and enjoy a life of luxury at the same time. There are many different itineraries for a cruise trip in the Mediterranean Sea but the following are the top destinations that you should try and make sure you get a chance to visit.


Cruise Mediterranean Sea
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This vibrant Spanish city is a must-see destination for any cruise trip in the Mediterranean Sea. A slow wander around the streets gives visitors the chance to see some beautiful architecture and find family run bars and restaurants hidden away. It is in these places that you will be able to experience a real taste of Spain and meet some wonderfully friendly people. You will also be able to enjoy the many galleries and museums and when you are ready for a rest you can hit the beach.


Well known as the place where East meets West, this city has a colourful history and has plenty of sites and attractions to visit. Its two best known landmarks are probably Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque and they are definitely worth a visit as they are simply breathtaking. Those who love a bargain should head to the Grand Bazaar where you will be able to haggle for everything from quality leather goods and carpets to handcrafted jewelry and glass.

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A stop here will allow you to visit the ruins of Pompeii and get a glimpse of the Mount Vesuvius Volcano that erupted causing its destruction. There are lots of museums for history lovers and the NationalArcheologyMuseum has the largest collection of Roman artifacts to be found anywhere. Art and sculpture also feature heavily in this beautiful city with plenty to see both in galleries and as you wander around. At the end of the day take a boat trip to the island of Capri for a taste of glamour and luxury.


Probably the most romantic of the GreekIslands, everywhere you turn here is a view that you will want to capture on film. The landscape is volcanic and you will be able to see white houses with the famous blue domed roofs and stunning views of the ocean. There are houses built into the cliff faces and some of these have now been turned into hotels. Whilst you may not have time to actually stay in one, they are definitely worth a look round as they are very unique.


The capital of Portugal is built on a series of hills so walking around is not for the faint hearted. However, there are trams and buses that run on a regular basis that you can hop on and off of that make getting around much easier; and it is definitely worth it. The Biarro Alto district is the perfect place to spend some time exploring the artisan workshops and discovering the tiny bars and cafes that serve mouthwatering food. The views from the Castel St. George of the whole of the city and the ocean are simply breathtaking.

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