Here’s Why Snuba Is Growing In Popularity

You surely heard of scuba diving and snorkeling but did you ever hear of snuba? This is a new water sport that is quickly gaining popularity. It is practically a mixture of the two. The two worlds are combined in order to get something that seems to be really attractive for many from around the world. You no longer need to simply opt between the snorkeling mask or the scuba diving certification. Snuba may very well be the way to go for so many.

What Is Snuba?

Snuba is a transition from snorkeling to scuba diving. You use a tank and the equipment needed is put on a surface flotation device. Then, a 20 feet hose will connect the diver to the equipment.

Why Snuba Over Scuba Diving?

The first thing that comes to mind is why would someone choose this option as opposed to scuba diving since with scuba diving it is possible to go much deeper. The problem is that scuba diving is not something that everyone can do. The extra gear weight is not that easy to deal with and there are many that have problems because they simply cannot deal with the experience. You can remove much of the equipment and the underwater experience is obviously more free. At the same time, you do not have to worry about certification.

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Snuba Training

While certification is not needed, there is training that will need to be considered. You will not be able to go too down since you are attached to the surface but dealing with the regulator and the mask can be quite tricky for many. Training normally involves helping people to get ready for the experience that will appear. This does include breathing and similar. Snuba training is actually pretty effective at helping you to deal with ear popping that is a surprise for those that go deep underwater.

Is 20 Feet Enough?

Some think that the depth is not enough. With scuba diving you can go so much deeper but this does not mean the experience will necessarily be better. After 30 feet you will lose colors since salt water tends to filter yellows and reds. Also, snorkeling is obviously not in question here since the depth is higher than with that water sport.

Where Can One Find Snuba?

Snuba is actually much more popular than what many think. It is now available in around 60 worldwide locations. Most of them are present in the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii. Cruise boats are normally around and you can definitely find all the information necessary about locations at

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The activity is actually so great that even the children tend to enjoy it a lot. However, in order to enjoy snuba you need to be at least 8 years old. If you are younger, something different is normally offered. Toddlers normally stay on the surface with the raft and have a different experience.

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